Stylish Earrings For Women And What It Says

There are so many choices of earring styles, just visit an ordinary jewelry retailer, and every now and then you’ll find a new earring. Unlike other accessories, there is rarely a pattern in a specific type of earring, there is always a refined way of wearing it. Though an average lady has different earrings sets, every type of earrings you wear says something about your personality

. Let’s head onto that:

1) Dangling Earring: This is more ladylike. It’s not appropriate to wear dangling earrings in professional settings. Although this rule is frequently broken as ladies seem to dress as they feel these days. Dangling earrings are bold and easy to notice, it moves when you walk, it also gives the sexy feminine vibe.

2)Hoop Earring: Whenever I see a lady in a gathering wearing a hoop earring, I feel she is friendly and easy-going, and I must say, I’m right most of the time. Hoop earrings, especially the big ones, it makes your smile look wider. It’s mostly worn on casual outfits, but it also looks great on corporate wears with your hair packed in a ponytail.

3)Pearls: it’s classy and timeless. It gives vibes of purity and innocence. I always pictured Disney princesses wearing a pearl. When a lady wears a pearl, she looks classy, refined, friendly, and well mannered.

4) Diamond Studs: Unlike Pearl that sends the Royalty vibe, diamond studs on ladies show that she knows what is good and goes with it. Another way to see it is a lady who is probably Kim Kardashian rich or married to a billionaire.

5) Loop/cuff: These send a vibe of being bit*hy and not actually “giving a f**k”. Most times this sends a message that there are different facets to your personality that you switch too when it’s desirable

6) Studs: A steel stud sends a message of a simple girl basically minding her business. An average lady who is into sport wears a stud earring.

7) Statement earring: As the name implies, you just want to make a statement. This is the favorite for all drama queens. Most times, ladies who wear this earring are creative and have an eye for specific designs. It makes you stand out and unique.

8) Spike Earrings: These are mostly worn by people who showcase the Avant Guarde personality traits. They are unorthodox, radical, and they crave so much to stand out.

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