Skin Care Tips: How to Protect Your Skin During The Dry Season


Gradually we are moving towards the most difficult time for our skin. If you have dry skin, your skin becomes patchy and cracked, if you have oily skin, your skin becomes oilier causing you to sweat furiously thereby discomforting everyone around you.

The heat can also cause more pores to open, which can get dirt and bacteria causing acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face. Of course, we know that good skin is gold, and so apart from dressing to be comfortable during this time, we must change most of our skin remedies in order to maintain a radiant skin even in this severe weather condition. Here are a few tips that will keep you popping at this time.

1) Keep your skin hydrated: Remember that during the harmattan season, your skin needs moisture as well as hydration. I won’t advise you to go for oils, even if you have a dry skin, invest instead on a facial mask that you can use daily, preferably at night time. This will suck in and repair your skin from all effects of the weather.

2) Wear Cotton clothes: Even with the strongest deodorant, people who sweat excessively gets to stink during harmattan. If you don’t want to discomfort people around you, it’s best you keep your dressing simple with short-sleeved, or tanked cotton wear tops . Cotton has been known to best prevent sweat because it keeps the body cool,  also wear bright colours, this keeps the scorching effects of the sun away.

3) Your feet: Although most people might want to prevent sunburn and wear an all-covered shoe, it’s best to wear sandals to prevent sweaty feet. Also, you should wear more leather or cotton made shoes to maintain cool down there. To prevent sunburn on your feet, exfoliate your feet too and wear a sunscreen.

4) Exfoliate weekly: If you regularly do not exfoliate, this is the time to take it seriously. Exfoliate with natural remedies like coffee or sea salt. Exfoliation removes dull skin debris and dead cells, which is common during this time. To make your skin less dull and more vibrant, exfoliate at least once a week. Avoid doing it too much, be mild with it to avoid bruises and rashes.

5) Wear a Sunscreen: This is your best friend during this period, ensure to wear a sunscreen between 30 – 50 SPF.

6) Use less makeup: This is not the time to go wearing a foundation or doing sophisticated makeup. Your facial skin will crack and will start ageing. This is the time to let your skin breathe and absorb humidity and retain hydration.

7) Use a toner: If you can’t get a natural toner like cucumber and aloe vera, try to get a toner that contains cucumber and aloe vera based toner. You might want to try on an aloe mask.

8)  Drink a lot of water: Although you can almost stay without the thirst to drink water under the scorching sun, please don’t resist the urge, drink a lot of water because your skin needs to be hydrated.

9) Wet your face: In this part of the world, I see people do this regularly.  Please join them, your skin needs to be moisturized. So at any chance you get, you might want to damp your skin with droplets of water. This should be a major reason why you need to keep your face free of makeup so that you can easily get a rinse from time to time. When you are directly under the sun.

10) Take care of your eyes: Last but not least is to take special care of your eye. Use honey or a slice of cucumber around your eye region. This will prevent wrinkling and eye bags or sunburn around your eye. The layer of your eye is thin, so avoid harsh toners, it’s best to use the above-mentioned house remedy.

Most importantly, if you did not get anything from this article, please remember to wear comfy clothes and use your home remedies such as honey, cucumber, aloe vera and sea salt.




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