Elites, Icons and other tweeps react to Erica and Laycon reconciling

BBN powerhouse Erica and eventual winner Laycon both shared a video on their Instagram story to let fans know they are not at war with eachother anymore. Laycon and Erica have been at loggerheads with themselves since last year while in the Big Brother house and have not had any reason to null the dispute between them ever since, so it seemed at least.

Yesterday (23rd of July) both parties using their IG story mediums posted the hashtag—#WeAreGood—along with a video of them hanging out together. This obviously will prompt reactions from fans of Erica and Laycon, that is, Elites and iCONS respectively and neutral users of social media who witnessed the reconciliation between them.

Some are of the opinion that Laycon and Erica reuniting after almost a year is nothing but good scripting, even better acting between both parties, others have resulted to questioning fans from both ends who have done and undone all in the name of loyalty and fandom while others are just happy Erica and Laycon are back together on good terms, wishing for peace to reign. Some though, question the timing involved, insinuating they both did it for clout and that they are not really on good terms—that is just some conspiracy banner being campaigned by a few lot.

Check out the various tweet and reactions from Elites, iCONS and neutral users of social media:


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