Portable gets mocked for his newest face tattoos

Singer, Portable stirs reactions on social media for getting his face tatted.


Leader of the ‘Zeh Nation’ as he calls it, Portable aka Portable Omolalomi is an easy target in the aspect of being trolled on social media, from the onset of his mainstream career, he has not been one to shy away from self-expression, be it verbally or physically. His latest adventure takes him to the tattoo shop, as he dresses his skin with new ink on his face, in addition to the pre-existing ones all over his body.

Just over his right eyebrow, we see the inscribed word AZAMAN (his latest single which tackles bad business dealings and wrongful conduct going on in the Nigerian music industry), on his right cheek is written ZAZUU (his infamous breakout single), under his lips is the acronym S.O.S (which stands for “Save Our Souls”—a cry for help) and on his forehead is the phrase IKA OF AFRICA (meaning “The Wicked One of Africa” when translated to English). A coffin tattoo is also drawn in front of his right ear.

Portable shows off his newest tattoos
The coffin tattoo being drawn on Portable’s face

Twitter has been buzzing since the image of Portable’s latest ink surfaced on the timeline. The comments and reactions to the tattoos have been nothing short of ridiculous humour as a comparison of Portable and Lil Wayne’s face tattoos has taken centre stage, with the memes implying that the job done on Portable’s face is terrible. His facial expression in the selfie (of him showing off the tattoos) did not help matters either, as he gets mocked and trolled for it online.

Check out some of the ridiculously humorous memes on Twitter which stem from Portable’s face tattoos:


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