Red lipstick is a colour that can make you feel bold and confident. So many iconic women wear red lipsticks. On the contrary to this, It has been quite a challenge for me to put on a red lipstick confidently over the years, and I know I’m not the only one. Thankfully the world has evolved and there are a lot of red lipstick colours for dark skin girls from Fenty, Mac, Colour pop and a lot more. Note, no two red lipstick look alike, there are blue undertone red lipsticks, yellow undertone, bright reds, dark reds, orange-reds, you can never have enough red lipstick as a makeup artist. Here are hacks on how to wear red lipstick and the perfect tones for a dark skin girl.

1) When wearing red lipstick on a dark skin girl, you don’t wear a liner as you will wear it when wearing nude lipstick. Firstly, use a brown lip liner on the edges of your lip, then you soften your lip liner with your clean fingertip after you apply it. After this, use a red liner on your lip before you apply the red tone lipstick you want to use. The red lip liner makes it pop. This way your lipstick doesn’t look too harsh.

2) Another hack is to wear red lipstick with a yellow undertone, a straight-up orange tone red lipstick might be too bright for a dark skin girl. When you use yellow undertone lipsticks, especially the Matt Mac lipstick that has a yellow undertone or  Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint it gives you the orange look in a mild way.

3) We all want to achieve the “Bossy girl” look now and then, for a dark skin girl that want to achieve this look, it’s best to stick to a blue-toned red lipstick. A good example of these brands is Colour pop Matt lipstick or Mac Ruby woo.

4) Another look common here in Nigeria, my friend will call it “Nigeria to the world” is the “Ankara with Gele look” we all know red is the predominant lipstick colour when wearing this apparel. It’s best to wear dark red lipstick, or you could say a deepened red tone a perfect brand to use is the Sephora Red Velvet with the Nyc deep red liner.

5) Another hack when wearing red lipstick is to wear concealer and powder around your mouth to prevent bleeding of the lipstick.

6) Also, use a lip brush when applying red lipstick, so that you can be precise in applying it. Some lipstick brands like Fenty lipstick comes with a tip that makes applying red lipstick quite easy, you don’t need a lipstick brush.

7) I tell people this all the time, heavy on heavy is usually not good. Red is considered a bold colour, so when using red lipstick, it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple.

If you noticed, I have pointed out some brands already, but overall, here is a list of brands that have good reviews for use on a dark skin girl. I have tried some personally, you might want to use them too, they are:

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Bette.

MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red.

Chloe Lewis Beauty Reeva Red.

Urban Decay Cream Vice Lipstick in EZ.

Too Faced Melted Matte in Lady Balls.


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