Four months after tendering request, fan thanks Olamide for gifting him a new car

On January 15, 2022, a tweet went viral by Olamide in which he questions the manner of approach of a fan who had asked him for a favour. The fan goes by the name, Odunuga Olwaseun on Twitter with the username @Niyibarca as a means of identification had initially replied an Olamide tweet with the words “Baddo I need car for my bolt business ooo.. even na HP I go pay back. Make we run biz. Thanks (sic)” but quite ironically was met with a seemingly disapproving response from Olamide who tweeted “Money weh you keep for my hand … Ori iya e gbaa Ile (sic)” in retaliation to the bold direct approach of his fan, Odunuga Olwaseun.

Many deemed Olamide’s sharp reply as fitting because quite truly, no one owes anyone a favour on the internet, especially not a total stranger who appears to be asking for something that huge in a very direct unempathetic demanding manner while others viewed Olamide’s reply as a little bit insultive, after all he did write “Ori iya e gbaa ile” which when translated from Yoruba to English, means one lacks a functioning mental capability to reason things properly but it appears Olwaseun kept knocking on Olamide’s door for a favourable response and fortunately, he has received the favour.

Odunuga Oluwaseun took to his Twitter page to reveal the bountiful gift Olamide blessed him with—a new car. While it may seem Olamide had gifted Oluwaseun the car in secrecy, the excitement and wanting to show his gratitude publicly brought Oluwasegun to the popular social media platform to reveal the grand gesture shown him by the singer-rapper-songwriter. “Today am so happy because I be car owner by this post. @Olamide went out of all odds and put smile in my face. You are so special. Plus say na low key you do am. I go post am. I love you more. Thank you Boss @asakemusik manager. [YBNL] no go fall (sic)” wrote Odunuga Olwaseun in expression of thanks to Olamide.

He (Oluwaseun) would compose a complementing thread to show off his brand new car. He is seen in an all-white native attire, seated in the driver’s seat, posing in a look-away or no-look fashion in the picture.

Odunuga Olwaseun must be a happy man as it took Olamide four months to verify his tendered request and grant him his heart’s desire. What a beautiful sight to behold and thoughtful action from Olamide!


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