A Guide To Men’s Shoes: Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A New Shoe

Men are mostly judged by the quality of shoes they wear, it’s a known fact that when a lady meets a man she looks out for his hair, wristwatch, and shoe. So if you are going for an interview or you are just trying to impress somebody, you should be looking out for a good pair of shoes. It can land you that the dream job, and if you play your cards well, it could land you that dream girl too.
It’s important to remember the “golden rule of footwear -“if you’re in the market for some new dress or shoes. A shoe that costs N180,000 will last twice as long as N90,000 shoe, but a pair of shoes that cost N300,000 can last a lifetime”- If you are going to spend N300,000 to buy a pair of shoes, what then should you look out for.

Although ladies do not necessarily lookout for comfort when purchasing a shoe, for a man “comfort is key”. Shoes made with soft calfskin leather are very comfortable, you can stand for as long as you want to without feeling any strain on your legs, This means that they are well-heeled. If you do not want to get a bad toe, it’s important to get your perfect size and one that matches the length of your feet.

Another point to note is class. Your shoe introduces you, especially when you are looking for approval from somebody. A stylist will always pick a classy shoe because he knows no one ever gets a second chance on a first impression.
Apart from wearing a designer shoe, it’s smart to be on the lookout for quality especially if you are going to spend that much on a shoe. A quality leather shoe can last a lifetime. One way to tell if a shoe is of good quality is through the finishing of the shoe.

Every fashion piece worn makes a statement. We all have a fashion style we want to show the world, so it’s important to go for what speaks to you. To make a fashion statement, not just any shoe will do, but a shoe that makes you very confident. The biggest mistake people make is to wear shoes in vogue and not necessarily looking out for what fits them.
One thing is knowing how to pick a good shoe, another is knowing how to maintain it. According to Oliver Sweeney, ‘ a good shoe can be made even better with the right care. Here are a few tips to work with:

When picking out a shoe polish, we fail to read the label. A good polish should be made of natural ingredients like beeswax or carnauba wax. These materials help to maintain the texture of the leather.

A good hack is applying a rich conditioner on the shoe once every four to six months before the polishing process to prolong their lifespan and get the best out of the leather. Note,  this works when the shoe is made with original leather.

During the rainy season, we tend to keep our shoes close to open fire to get them dry, this only reduces the lifespan of the shoe. In times like this, fill the shoe with newspaper and allow the shoes to dry naturally. Use a hydrophobic spray to protect the shoes by keeping water molecules away from the top layer of the material. Note, this works for all kinds of shoes.

Always clean your footwear after use to prevent damage. Use a damp cloth and warm water,  or a good leather cleaning product.


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