FC and 30BG react as Wizkid and Davido share embracing hug at nightclub in Lagos

After years of seeming beef between Wizkid and Davido, they are seen to be sharing seconds of warm embracing hug with smiles upon their faces at Quilox nightclub in Lagos. “Let love lead” is the mantra of the season as both top acts finally look to have ended the longtime difference between them (as the media potrays). The video was shared by Wizkid’s number one source, his top fan club accountโ€”@WizkidSource on Twitter.

Fans of both parties, Wizkid FC (or simply FC) [for Wizkid] and 30BG (for Davido) who are always are loggerheads on the internet, especially Twitter, due to wanting to show support for their favourite (or colloquially called fave) might now have to acknowledge their faves show of love toward each other and have to stop the unending and sometimes incessant arguments among themselves, at least so it should seem but a few have decided to be like their faves (Wizkid and Davido) and embrace love while the majority have decided to continue trolling themselves like they have grown accustomed to.

Here are some of the various reactions to Wizkid’s and Davdo’s bromance at the nightclub in Lagos yesterday. Enjoy!

Truly, whether FC and 30BG reckon or not, the sight of Wizkid and Davido publicly hugging it out is a beautiful thing to behold.


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