One thing you do on a regular basis that stops your skin from glowing


Almost everyone does this with or without knowing. Even people who know about it  do not know the effect

About 60% of people today use soap on theirs face. you never knew they weren’t meant for the face right, you might wondehkkhhr why they are not meant for the face when they are washing aid. And also another question comes in,what could be so bad in soap that you can’t use it on your face? This is very important,there are a few skincare mistakes you can make that are as grave as this one. Let me give you some reasons why you shouldn’t use soap on your face

1. Our skin is Acidic,while soap is Alkaline based

Do not panic due to the scientific explanation. Let me break it down. Your Skin’s natural barrier is made up of acid mantle, which is the PH level, its ranges from 0-14. When the PH scale shows 7,it means it is neutral,so anything below that is acidic and anything above it, is alkaline. What am saying is anything around 6-0 is acidic and anything around 8-14 is alkaline. Our skin’s PH level is generally from 4-6.5 which makes it acidic,even when the skin is oily. Soap,on the other hand is extremely alkaline and it goes towards the extreme. so if you use soap on your face,it messes with the its PH balance and acid mantle causing it to make skin condition worse. Hence it is best to avoid using soap on the face

2. Leads to dry skin

Using soap on the face can definitely help in cleansing the skin but also has side effects. The caustic acid in soap removes natural oil produced on the skin. It makes the skin look thin and eventually begins to peel off. Moreover regular use can lead to wrinkles on the face.

3. Affects the health of the skin

Frequent use of the soap will wash off the natural lipids on the skin. These natural lipids protect the skin from infections. Loss of these lipids will invite bacteria on the skin

4. Black pores on the skin

Regular use of soap can lead to blockage of the pores on the surface of the skin. This is because most of the soap contain fatty acids that get accumulated with pores and clogs it. This ultimately will lead to various skin issues like blackheads, breakout, infections etc.

5. Destroys good microbes

There are two types of bacteria, the good and bad. Good bacteria are those present on the surface of the skin that helps to fight various skin infections. The absence of good bacteria can also bring other skin problem like acne and breakouts. If used frequently,soap will

Kill all good bacteria

I hope we’ve been able to find the answer to one thing you do on a regular basis that stops your skin from glowing


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