Medplus Pharmacy Launches Medical Outreach to Children at Chess in Slums in Oshodi Under Bridge

Medplus Pharmacy partners with Chess In Slums to give free medical check ups and aid to children at the foundation.

Tunde Onakoya (middle), Founder, Chess In Slums with staff of Medplus Pharmacy at the launch.

The budding partnership between Medplus Pharmacy and Chess in Slums kicked off in February with a Valentine’s Day campaign when the pharmaceutical organization reached out to the NGO with an offer to donate a sum of money for the benefit of the children.

Chess in Slums Africa is a social development initiative that helps children find life changing opportunities by teaching and unlocking the potential in every child, using chess educational resources and mentorship. Chess in Slums started a revolutionary project to teach the game of chess to children in one of the most dangerous slums in Nigeria (Oshodi underbridge) as a way to impact lives, and the foundation has been making great strides. It has given the children an escape from the Nigerian slums.

Children of the Chess In Slums initiative receiving tutorials on how to play the game of chess

Medplus Pharmacy in its dedication to the development of the children at Chess in Slums, decided to extend the partnership beyond February. This would include free medical check ups for the children and free distribution of medicines. Living up to its promises, on the 5th of March 2022, Medplus Pharmacy visited Chess in Slums in Oshodi with a team consisting of pharmacists, doctors, and dentists.

The medical checks kicked off around 12:30 PM and covered malaria tests, dental checks, blood sugar tests, blood pressure and BMI checks.

The children at Chess in Slums were given free malaria drugs, vitamin C, eye drops, iron tablets, calcium boosting medication, magnesium supply for the heart, nerves, and muscles, oral hygiene products, and other useful vitamin medications for their general well being. They were also given hand sanitizers and face masks. The medical outreach was concluded at 3pm with all children successfully catered to.

Click to watch a snippet of the outreach!

Medplus Pharmacy has made a commitment to extend this medical outreach to hold in November every year. The pharmaceutical organization believes that wellness isn’t just physical, but should cater to the mind and spirit. It is an organization deeply devoted to reaching out to the vulnerable in society.

The first phase of the Medplus Pharmacy and Chess in Slums Partnership has come to an end, with Medplus Pharmacy donating the sum of N700,000 to the foundation!

Tunde Onakoya receiving the cheque donation of N700,000 from executives of Medplus Pharmacy to his Chess In Slums foundation.


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