Ten reasons why you should be a developer in 2020


In a generation characterized by the rapid shift from traditional tools in problem solving to high advancement in computer technologies in problem solving, everyone is needed to hop on the train of advancement in other not to be left behind.

Some weeks ago a friend of mine asked “Why do i need to code when i can hire a developer to do the job?”

In this article, I am going to outline ten(10) reasons why everyone including YOU should learn to code and develop software and applications and see beyond the confusion of scary characters and syntax in development.

1. Programming entails critical thinking, design, analysis and abstraction. In the contemporary and everyday business circle its known that a manager must have all this qualities like being a critical thinker and strategist. So diving into application development builds this abilities in you thus granting you improved skills in critical thinking, design, analysis and abstraction.

2. Learning to code makes you better in solving problems that presents its self in your everyday life , it makes you proficient in identifying patterns

3. Since only a minute fraction of the world’s population do not have access to a computer, it then means computers, devices, mobile phones have come to become a part of our being, learning to code makes you understand the internals, the nitty gritty of things, this gives you more command over your devices in that you can tell it whatever you want it to do. I tell you your device is an obedient servant waiting for you just to give it instructions and right away it goes about doing whatever you ask it to do.

4. There’s no other profession, discipline that exposes you to so many professionals in other fields, it makes you diverse in way so many fields thus making the job not monotonic(i.e repetitive nature of things which could lead to being bored or little or no diversification).

5. Most clients in need of the services of a computer programmer usually face difficulties when communicating their ideas to one. Learning to code gives you an opportunity to effectively and comprehensively express your ideas whenever you need the service of a developer or when working with one.

6. It has improved my ability to work under pressure, all developers face pressure by clients to deliver their services under specific amount of time and sometimes with little pay [pun intended]. Being a developer inherently will make you manage pressure and also to meet targets as at when due

7. It is said that any repetitive activity can become a computerized activity, this means that any activity you find repetitive can be simulated by a computer easily. Now look at your surroundings , you will find so many repetitive activities, this activities can be done faster, better and effectively, saving time and energy if only the programmer in your arises.

8. They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In software development cycle, the next step after an idea is conceived is to plan. By being a developer, you are able to set realistic goals for yourself and plan to achieve them.

9. Looking at statistics of world richest humans, 90 percent of them are belong to tech or tech-related industries. the likes of Google, Microsoft , Facebook , Amazon etc.

10. It no new knowledge that the world is for the techies, jobs are getting deprecated using the developer’s terms or rather extinct. With the invention of drones, the aerial photographer and pilot used in filming or movie industry are losing their relevance, also Facebook data centers are being guarded and monitored by robots, we have self-driving cars, hostesses and host are being replaced by robots, mining operations are being fully automated and many more.
Being a developer offers you an opportunity to be part of the revolution in progress.

In conclusion, the reasons stated above are the best reasons to encourage everyone to be a developer and a computer engineer, you can pick any programming language of your choice and start learning because you would be grateful you did in the end.


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