Political Wars: Seun Kuti and Mr P of P-Square Shade Each Other on the Internet


Seun Kuti and Mr P (of P-Square) disagree over politics, resulting in a heated exchange of words over the internet.

Seun Kuti vs Mr P (of P-Sqaure)

When it comes to politics and political party choices among the citizens of a nation, it usually boils down to sentiments and/or affiliations. It is no wonder why people, old and young alike, get into arguments and/or banter over their respective choices. 

Seun Kuti and one-half of the disjointed-but-rekindled duo, P-Square have gotten into a heated exchange of insults on the internet with both parties shading each other’s careers and families in the process. 

The Root Cause Of the Argument?

Seun Kuti, son of legendary musician and founding father of Afrobeat, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, went on his official Instagram page (@bigbirdkuti) to share his thoughts about the political state of Nigeria. 

In sharing his thoughts, he claimed one of the presidential candidate forerunners for the 2023 election, Peter Obi, who also seems to be the people’s choice, at least on the internet, and to the youths, is an “opportunist.” 

Seun Kuti also made clear his political stance as regards the forthcoming election to be neutral, proudly denouncing all candidates, especially the Top 2 candidates and their respective parties—Bola Ahmed Tinubu (of the APC), and Peter Obi (LP). 

The “Big bird” added to his claims and stance by saying Nigerians have a “Messiah syndrome”, which is why the seeming people’s choice, Peter Obi, appears to have secured the vote of the youth and other woke citizens.

According to Kuti, no one man can unequivocally solve Nigeria’s cumbersome problems, especially not the incoming president but Peter “Mr P” Okoye took offense to Seun Kuti’s speech. 

Mr P’s Anger

If one is a follower of Mr P, one will know that he is a dutiful campaigner for Peter Obi and his “OBIdient” movement, hence, the reason he took offense to Seun’s IG Live speech. 

This moved Peter Okoye to reply to Seun ‘Big Bird’ Kuti via Twitter (@PeterPsquare), saying Seun spoke out of “frustration” while also taking a knock at Seun’s character, pleading with him to learn from his nephew, Made Kuti, and learn to correct his ways to a “guided and clean” path. 

The Back-and-forth

All through Seun IG’s Live sentimental statements, he never called out anybody, nor did he try to anybody’s family under the bus to prove his point. So, he must have been vexed at Mr P for calling him to order through bloodline comparison. 

This opened a new can of worms, pushing Seun Kuti back to his app of choice, Instagram, and making the veterinary singer badge into personal issue in retaliation to Mr P’s reply. 

According to Seun Kuti, Mr P is a shameless fellow, referencing the infamous P-Square break-up in 2016 (which lasted for 5 years) due to disagreement in business operations and a personal family feud. 

Seun Kuti also went deeper, calling out Peter Okoye and his brother, Paul “Rudeboy” Okoye of P-Square for being political parties bandwagon. 

Why didn’t you too copy Made [Kuti] when you were disgracing yourself with your brother? After you have played for Buhari in 2015”, Seun blasts Mr P for also not being well-behaved during the 5-year fallout with his twin brother, and for suddenly jumping political party ships now that the present government doings don’t align with him (Mr P). 

Mr P was not having such disrespect from an artiste with “no music career” but only relevant because of his father’s (Fela’s) achievement and non-stop bragging about his (Seun’s) “family background.” 

This tread of reply continued with Mr P denouncing the claim by Seun that they (P-Square) campaigned for the ruling government. He debunked it by writing: “We “PSQUARE” have never campaigned for any Presidential candidate before now except now for PETER OBI (sic).

Mr P then continued clowning Seun Kuti for not being well-known and successful like his father, but that apparently is not true. 

The slight by Mr P at Seun Kuti did not fall on deaf ears, rather it enraged Seun Kuti even more, forcing him to list out his achievements and claiming Mr P’s support of Peter Obi’s campaign is more for tribalistic benefits than for the general good of Nigeria as a nation. 

Seun Kuti insulted Mr P’s intellect by saying he is only famous for sampling and remixing foreign hits; he even went out of the way to blatantly call him “uneducated”, and at such he “would not blame Peter for insulting [Fela]” because Mr P is an “illiterate.” 

This debacle between these world-renowned stars in their respective rights is still ongoing, generating mixed reactions to both characters’ claims on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.


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