Five Most Addictive Games On Google and Google Play Store

Google, the most used searched engine in the world with over 10 billion possible results to browse on and get answers to. Needless to say, Google has aided the development of gaming in our era, from tutorials to images to videos to basically anything you want and need to know about the particular game of your choice.

That’s a nice segue to the topic of discussion, do you know there are games which you can play straight up from your Google’s search page without you having to download the application itself or installing any types of files before they, (the games), are set up?

Well if you did not know this before, there is a first time for everything and obviously we learn something new everyday or every other day (if you may call that way).

Some of these games do not even require data connection whatsoever, yes, you can play them offline, free of charge. Enough said. Let’s get to know some of these games:

1. Dino T-Rex:

Dino T-Rex is one of the most popular games played by users of Google all over the world but the funny thing which is quite ironical is that people actually fail to register the name or even try looking it up. Well it is not that serious, it is just a game. Who cares? (I see nobody hands up, do you?)

Dino T-Rex as it appears on Google Play Store.

That dinosaur image which appears on the Google’s browser page when there is a connection timeout, poor network coverage or when data is exhausted, that is actually the game of Dino T-Rex; if you tap on it, the dinosaur starts moving in a one-direction lane. It is basically an offline game.

Dino T-Rex as it appears on Google’s search page.

Dino T-Rex is a game with a very pixelated dinosaur character and the goal is to use the dinosaur to jump over hurdles, majorly involving cactus objects and as you progress in the game, you start seeing birds flying which you need to avoid. Sometimes the birds fly so high you need not tap the screen so as to jump, but when they are flying mid air is when you need to duck them by jumping. Dino T-Rex is a black and white 2D animated game.

2. Word Coach:

For people like me who write, this might prove to be a useful tool as the game is basically a word coach like the name implies. Let me explain: for example, you are stuck on what to use a synonym for the word “buy”, (or you feel it an overused word in the English language), so you search ‘synonyms for buy’ on Google and bam, you get a lot of options (obviously), one of which is actually a list of synonyms for buy.

Word Coach as it appears on Google Play Store.

Right underneath that list of words, is the game of Word Coach where you see a question: ‘which worf is similar to buy?’ followed by two options, a word similar and a wrong one. You continue if you get it right to 4 other questions. You can also get more help to improve your vocabulary from the Word Coach game, especially the mobile type.

Word Coach as it appears on Google’s search page.

3. The Higher Lower Game:

The Higher Lower Game as it appears on Google Play Store.

If you love quizzes and a have a knack for storing random facts in your headspace, then The Higher Lower Game was developed for you.

The Higher Lower Game is a game that seems it was developed for smart people but trust me, even the smart ones struggle to make it past 20 questions, 10 even. The game test your general knowledge on numbers

Like the name implies, the game is a juxtaposition about an item being higher or lower than the other in value or numbers based on Google searches. An example is the image below:

A gameplay of The Higher Lower Game

You are given a factual scenario of an object’s google search numbers and asked to contrast it with the other’s, if it gets more google search monthly or if it gets lesser. The game has 3 modes: “Classic” (like the image above); “Beat The Clock” (which involves a 10 second time lapse per question) and “Elimination Mode” (a 1v1 with an online opponent).

4. Whirlybird:

Whirlybird bird is a pre-installed game on Google Play Games for Android phones. It has the android logo as its avatar with a chopper-type blade which enables it fly. The player needs to keep flying and bouncing by tilting the phone a little.

Whirlybird as it appears on Google Play Games.

You get a score boost if you land the avatar on any of the rainbow helicopters (as shown in the image above) and record a game over if the avatar lands on the spiked-brick object or bomb-shaped spike (as shown in the image above) or if you crash the avatar. Whirlybird ia an offline game.

Gameplay of Whirlybird.

5. Cricket:

Cricket as it appears on Google Play Games

Snails play the role of the bowler while the cricket is the batsman. The goal of the game, just like in real life, is to make sure the batsman – the cricket – swings the ball upward or forward when thrown and if the player fails to do such, it is automatic game over.

Score range of 1-6 are assigned based on how far the ball is hit (distance wise), with the score of 6 assigned if the cricket smashes the ball way outside the field of play.

Gameplay of Cricket.

Cricket is also pre-installed on Google Play Games on Android devices and can be played offline.


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