Nigerian fashion trends in the 2000s that should not come back in this decade




American fashion has always influenced Nigerian fashion to date. In the 60s and 80s, it was more Elizabethan dressing, the ladies wore free gowns with matching hats on and silhouette shoes. In the 2000s, the dressing trend changed drastically and everyone wanted to look hip pop ish. This was a time where any form of crazy that was accepted. Ladies tilted more to Brazillian, Peruvian, or Chinese hair, and were quite uncomfortable with their kinky Afro hair. Thankfully now, a lot of Nigerians are embracing ethnic and traditional clothing, wearing them to official and social functions. More and more black women are dumping relaxers and embracing their natural kinky locks. A lot of old looks are making a comeback, skinny jeans and bell bottoms have come and gone, headscarves are making a comeback and even afros are back, either in the form of weaves or natural hair. Although I’m grateful for some comebacks, here is a list of 10 fashion trends in the 2000s that should please not come back.

1)  Mid-cut Vest

Sorry to say this was not a mistake or a vest made for a child it was intentional and a trend.

2)  Low waist jeans

I really can’t tell for a fact why this was a trend, because it makes your butt flatter and it’s really uncomfortable to wear except you really want everyone to have a view of your butt anyway. I mean you can’t bend or sit on a bike without your butt falling out.

3) Ties On Tank Top

Indeed the 2000s was a dark time for fashion, even for a prop,  this looks quite funny, but we had celebrities wearing this on the red carpet.

4)Lace-up Jeans

From the “dream girls” to the crew in “girls cult” I guess we all have had enough of lace-up jeans. These ladies would probably be laughing out loud on their throwback photos.

5) Studded leather belt

I won’t lie,  I was one of those who rocked this belt back then, looking at it now, I realize it was a major fashion disaster.  

6) Ankara suits

it’s a different thing entirely wearing an Ankara blazer if it’s styled properly that’s cool. But Ankara suits?

  7) Boot cut trousers

I know this was go-to wear and it lasted for a whole decade, but guys we’ve had enough especially the male trend boot cut trousers. It’s a no-no

8) Multi-colored Wedge shoes

I’ve never been a fan of wedge shoes, maybe it’s because I have skinny legs anyway. The annoying one is the shoes that have a wooden platform and probably blue and red leather.

9)Papa’s cap

This resurfaced as a trend in the 2000s because I know back then in the 80s we had people wearing papa’s cap with a smoking pipe in their mouth. No need emphasizing on this, I guess we’ve all accepted that this is not coming back.

10) Baseball caps

I know everyone was trying to look hip pop-ish, but I think we’ve had enough of grown-ass men looking like teens with baseball hats on.  


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