Unknown T and ODUMODUBLVCK Detail the Hood Life on ‘WELCOME 2 MY STRIP’


The song speaks on the similarities between the Nigerian-UK communities as per gang life and drug dealing.

ODUMODUBLVCK (left) and Unknown T (right) on set for ‘WELCOME 2 MY STRIP’ video shoot

UK MC Unknown T calls on his Nigerian counterpart ODUMODUBLVCK to hop on the WELCOME 2 MY STRIP jam. The song speaks on the similarities between the Nigerian-UK communities as per gang life and drug dealing. 

Unknown T and ODUMODUBLVCK are both never shy away from revealing and controversial topics as discussed on WELCOME 2 MY STRIP. Hence, listening to T and ODUMO’ talk about the gruesome reality of their communities (or strip) did not come as a shock. 

Off the jump, Unknown T warns opposers of the likelihood of violence should anyone try to move wrong. “The teeth’s indorsed, it’s skeng life, welcome to my strip,” T sounds off. In his verse, the rapper also admits to dealing drugs unremorseful. “I need my bread so I’m out here earnin’ unlegit,” he had hinted in the chorus.

ODUMODUBLVCK’s past is not rosy, and the fast-rising act frequently touches on it. On WELCOME 2 MY STRIP, the first three lines show how deeply ingrained he was in dealing narcotics to survive. “Na for Abuja (Huh) / Capital of Naija / I dey bag up Marijuana (Bag),” ODUMODU says loudly. He goes on to back up his claim, detailing how greatly revered he now is in his hood.

Apart from highlighting the vile and violent lifestyle of their strip, Unknown T and ODUMODUBLVCK also speak on their sexual escapades. “Turn a good gyal badeen, told her, welcome to my strip class / . . . / Turn around, hold her close then tun up pon the strip,” Unknown T flexes. Complementing T’s bars, ODUMODUBLVCK raps in the second verse, “Mamiwota conquest, Otumorkpor priest.” Even hitting the dagger deeper with “I go greedy with my rubbers, I go starve am with my preek.” 

The Afroswing instrumental makes it easy for both rappers to slide through and connect with their base audience. Another masterclass by the renowned JAE 5. WELCOME 2 MY STRIP is off of Unknown T’s new EP—Before the Smoke.




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