Mayorkun Storms the Music Market With Two New Songs: “Alarm” And “Oshey Boys”

Two new singles by Mayorkun gets released today. “Alarm” and “Oshey Boys” are now available for your music pleasures.

Mayorkun recording music in the studio

The Mayor of Lagos, Mayorkun, comes through with two new songs “Alarm” and “Oshey Boys” in fulfillment of the promise he made about two weeks ago, which entailed him releasing at least a song every week until the year ends. This week’s quota has Mayorkun (as stated above); the first (Alarm) is an Afro-Pop appraisal of his babe and the second is a proper Amapiano jam (Oshey Boys) which encourages youths (males in particular) to chase the bag (as it is usually said colloquially). 


Point blank, Alarm is love song, scratch that, it is a song filled with lust and infatuation. Mayorkun has fallen deep into the pit of lust and infatuation (so to speak), so much that he is ready to risk his freedom for this said babe, “If you no mind be my Bonnie, I’m Clyde”, and “If love is a crime then I’m a convict / I no go mind to end for panti (Panti)” are quotable lyrics pointing to Mayorkun’s willingness to surrender himself as a malefactor if it means keeping his babe close by him always. 

Mayorkun does not overly dwell on committing inexcusable conduct in Alarm. His switch-up involves him appraising his lover’s magnificent physique, especially her curvaceous rear. “Body on fire / You be like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego”, Mayorkun compares the banging body of his babe to the furnace in which the three God-fearing Hebrews from the Bible were thrown for not bowing to a Babylonian idol. Another lyrics excerpt sing “This your ibadi be my multivitamin / Wetin you carry, behind, koshe fi ta yin / The way you whine be like ligaligali / Dem no fit try ina here / Because your bum bum bum, Bombay”, this sees Mayorkun in a flabbergasted state of mind because of the massive behind of his babe, so much he composed five bars on the richness of his girls’s booty. 

Alarm is produced by up-and-coming beat-maker Elton Chukwumah

Oshey Boys

The first verse of Oshey Boys reflects Mayorkuns’s grateful state of mind for his present condition of having enough material things, cash in particular which enables him to get by with each day’s activities. He makes sure to thank God for this provision, “Oh my God, oh my God / Oh my-, I am impressed oh / You’re a heaven-sent oh / My loving is real I no pretend oh / Hundred percent oh / . . . / Oh my God, oh my God / Oh my-, I’m in San Francisco jamming the best oh / Thankful for better days and I still hope for the best oh”, Mayorukun offers praise to his Maker. 

Yes, the cash in-flow is at a steady rate but Mayorkun keeps the hustle going, making sure to involve himself in businesses that will sustain it for eternity. He says ”Make we do, make we do / Make we do this business oh / Base on percent oh / But I don’t want you fuck with the connect oh / Go with tempo” in verse two, committing himself to practices that favour the progressiveness of the business. 

In case you have not got the memo yet, “Money moves the world”, so they say, and Mayorkun is aware of that, hence in the hook, he declares “Olowo lowo, oshey boys / Olowo lowo, oshey boys / Oshey boys”. Translated to “If you do not make (or have) money, you can’t be considered among the well-to-do beings (or “boys” as Mayorkun says)”. 

Oshey Boys is produced by the steaming hot unstoppable producer of the year, Magicsticks

Both singles show-off Mayorkuns’s undisputed songwriting skill and admirable wordplay ability. They are released under Sony Entertainment Africa, exclusively licenced to Avante Digital Concepts Limited


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