Best of Funny Tweets Reactions to the Removal of Twitter Ban in Nigeria

Twitter is finally free to use, void of any VPN apps after 222 days off.

On June 6, 2021, the Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria issued out a press release relating to the suspension of microblogging app, Twitter, and why the decision was made. This announcement was conveyed through the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and immediately met with angry reactions as users of the app and other social media platforms took to their pages to express their feelings, pointing out their views as to why they collectively feel it was a harsh decision and an undermining to the citizens right of freedom of speech. They also argued the decision to suspend Twitter was the only way the FG could forcefully show authority as it came less than 24 hours after a tweet by the president was taken down due to the violation of some of Twitter’s policies.

Two hundred and twenty two (222) days later, the FG finally lifts the Twitter suspension (or ban) from the country, that is, for 222 days, citizens of the country who used the app (Twitter) had to access it ‘illegally’ or ‘indirectly’ through the use of various Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps. For the records, the Twitter suspension got lifted on the 13th of January, 2022.

This news has resulted in a lot of euphoria and mixed feelings amongst users of Twitter in Nigeria, colloquially known by the collective – Twitter NG. As we know to be a particular custom on the app, memes (pictures and videos) and texts are chosen weapons for Twitter NG to either support or reprove an action. Here are some of the best reactions to the removal of the Twitter ban in Nigeria:

Well, what can I say? Welcome to a new dispensation! I guess.


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