Toni Braxton takes 60% of “Last Last” revenue – Burna Boy


Burma Boy reveals that Toni Braxton makes 60% of the revenue from his “Last Last” single because of sampling.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy’s first single of 2022—Last Last—like a burning forest is vastly spreading around the globe, debuting on charts, breaking and making records and as a fan-favourite jam, receiving massive ovation anytime Burna Boy performs it on stage but what many do not know is that Burna Boy only makes 40% of the stream revenues. Why? Burma answers that in a recent interview with MILLION DOLLAZ WORTH OF GAME podcast (YouTube).

In case you do notknow, Last Last samples “He Wasn’t Man Enough” (2000) by Toni Braxton and as such she is entitled to some certain percentage of the song’s sales but no one might have foreseen the royalties agreement being 60/40 in Toni Braxton’s favour. Burna Boy says on the podcast “I always wanted to use that sample. I knew Chopstix would do something crazy with it. I just pointed [the instrumental out]. That’s one [of those] special creative processes but she is taking 60% of the [song’s revenue].

However, Burna Boy made it clear he was not complaining as he is confident the money will be made back through the many events he is booked for and on tours. He even keeps an optimistic spirit, wishing Toni Braxton will someday attend one of his shows and witness him perform Last Last live.


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