Wavy The Creator, SGaWD, Arieenati, and Le Mav Bring the Funk on ‘Shayo Galore’


‘Shayo Galore’ is as simple as it sounds. Get intoxicated anf have fun to the groove by Wavy The Creator and SGaWD.

Shayo Galore by Wavy The Creator, SGaWD, Arieenati and Le Mav.

Shayo Galore artwork

It is still Summertime so the groove does not stop. Thanks to Wavy The Creator and SGaWD, lovers of EDM have a new groove to bounce to. This groove—Shayo Galore—is specially tailored by record-selling producers Arieenati and Le Mav

The message on Shayo Galore is limpid, one inviting its listeners to dance and forget their worries. “Dance, baby let me take your stress away / We been going on and on for days / I like to go to special space.” Wavy calls out through the soft-sung hook.

The oontz-oontz BPM already has the audience bumping heads and slowly loosening up. So SGaWD’s verse just serves as a catalyst to the ultimate goal—dancing. “Dance on the floor / Shake your body baby, give me some more / Shake that, shake that or get out the door,” sha slaps out on the gyrating beat.

Snippet post announcing Shayo Galore

All together, Shayo Galore is a loose track which invites all to have fun. Nonetheless, Wavy The Creator and SGaWD compensated the excellent production with awesome vocals and comprehensible verses. 

What are you waiting for? You should be dancing. Go!


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