The dilemma of a Nigerian student in today’s society


Are you a university student? Are you planning to be a university student? We are all envious of undergraduate whenever we see them, but there is more to being a student than the simple eye can see, more to it than wearing fancy clothes, attending lectures, parties, shows and so on. Though tertiary institution is meant to equip an individual with the adequate knowledge, skills and values one needs in life, but we all know that isn’t all there is. As we speak there are a number of challenges in which public tertiary institution students face. This problems does only apply to a tertiary institution but to all. If you are a student, you can relate to this.

First of all, this month makes it the ninth month that almost all public tertiary institution has been closed. At first it was due to the pandemic but now ASUU strike is the main problem. About 90% of public tertiary institution are under ASUU  and the students have been at home for over nine months, which renders most of them jobless. This has been the major challenge of about 90% of Nigerian student for the past few years, and it’s not as if this is the first of it kind.

When you see a tertiary institution timetable you feel they have a lot of time, but try taking a second look and you will see that the time is absent. For example, a student that has an early morning class,as in as early as 6:30am and end at 8:30 am then has another class at the other end of the school at 9:00am and the lecturer will be closing the sdoo at exactly 9:05am, so this put the student in a time crunch.  And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the expectional scorching sun on campuses which makes attending lectures more stressful.

However, student might also have challenges with lectures because of lecturer who might take their Jobs with levity hand due to the fact that they think they are teaching matured mind.The course might be a technical one in which the students might need thorough explanation to understand the concept of what’s being taught.

The campus might sometimes be a dangerous place due to riot and cultists activities, and might as well cause a temporary shutdown of the school for some weeks or months, this happens in all universities. The campus might look like a rousy and beautiful place to be but might as well be a dangerous place to be, which calls for all students to be cautious.

But with all these challenges, the campus is a very interesting and exicting place for people who do not involve themselves in unwholesome activities and a place where we mature, learn, enjoy and create some of the best memories in our life time.

I can boldly say the campus is full of new adventures to be explored and a wonderful place to be.


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