Ruger explains the meaning behind the eye patch and how he got his name


Ruger, one of the fast-rising music talents from the +234 in 2021 thanks to hit singles like “Bounce” and “Dior” and being signed to Jonzing World has made good enough reputation for himself which proceeds him, especially that of always having an eye patch to cover his right anytime he is out publicly.

Ruger was a guest on Nancy Isime’s Trending TV show airing on HipTV on which he gives a clear detailed explanation as to why he wears the eye patch, (spoilers: it isn’t because he has an eye defect or infection as some do believe), but as a reference to someone he is acquainted with and as a symbolism for a sniper. “The eye patch is a symbol. I-I actually got it from somebody but I use my own narrative for it.” Ruger starts with, “This particular person, he lost one eye but he became stronger after that, they told to stop whatever he was doing and continue with his life. He was in the military so they told him to stop but at that time he said—”No”, that he wants to continue with it [that is, his service in the military] and I see it as a symbol of strength because what could have weighed him down made him stronger and I’m a very big testimonony.“, he breaks down.

As you know, I am called Ruger, ruger is a name of a gun . . . so this is me sniping because a sniper closes one eye [to make] his target.” Ruger smartly draws the gun symbolism. On the show, Ruger (born, Michael Adebayo) also tells the origin of his name; once again, stating the original meaning of the word—ruger— to be a gun, he continues, “D’Prince gave me the name Ruger because anytime I was recording on a mike, that time I was in an apartment like a boot camp“, (gesticulating his hands in form of a gun), he says, “I was always demonstrating this.” he states, giving Jonzing World founder, D’Prince, the credit for his stage name. Although he initially felt reluctant to accept the name due to the meaning behind it and how people might perceive it, he eventually honed it and the rest is history.

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