Simi gives tips to upcoming artistes on how to promote themselves via social media

Being an artiste in this modern age takes more than talents, it goes deeper into branding, promotion, having the right networks and obviously a bit off luck (because there is no telling what really makes a hit song a hit song) right? That is precisely what talented vocalist and sound engineer, Simi, has to say to these new breeds of upcoming artistes on how well promoting themselves and their music via social media goes, especially the pictures and videos only app, Instagram.

Instagram has become of the most used social media platforms (or apps) in recent years, especially by the Gen Zs and millennial groups who make up for over 70% of the upcoming or emerging artistes of the modern era; because of how easy to use and navigable Instagram is, it is easy to get lost in the sauce and want to post contents one feels other users might relate to and will generate quick likes, and of those go-to contents is: aesthetics, be it environmental or body, but well acclaimed singer, Simi, advises young musical acts on the rise to lay off such contents and rather use their pages to promote their music.

Simi writes on Instagram Story Create interface: “You are a “serious” growing artist and have only 3 posts on your page. A picture of the sunset, one of aeroplane and one of your shoe. Caption – Lost but don’t find me. Nothing with your music in it. That’s not a great look. If you want it bad bad, always be selling yourself. Leave the mysterious [blur] for when you’ve won! Even then, still leave it.” This tip comes in handy as many musical act attest to the fact that they came in contact with their label or management through Instagram and this could have only been possible because those artistes promoted themselves properly through Instagram posts showcasing their talent.

Simi via Instagram (@symplysimi)


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