Libianca is assisted by Ayra Starr and Omah Lay in ‘People’ remix


Omah Lay and Ayra Starr deliver appropriate verses for the remix of Libianca’s runway ‘People’ hit.


The raving song of the moment, People, by American-based singer Libianca receives an Ayra Starr and Omah Lay remix. The original released on December 6, 2022, got a massive boost and cosigns from top music personalities which gave People a soaring start and incredible chart positionings. 

The remix carries the same topics as its original, namely: depression, loneliness, alcoholism, substance abuse, and companionship. Omah Lay touched on substance abuse (weed), and companionship while Ayra Starr dwells on the alcoholism and loneliness themes. 

The star life has so many perks yet comes with several downsides. Ayra Starr holds nothing back in her verse as she openly reveals her struggle with drinking and loneliness in People. “In bed but my mind stay wondering / Overthinking but I’d rather be sleeping / Grab a drink, I need escape now.” This has led to the 20 years old songstress questioning her sanity but she would rather that than “have fake friend to check on me.” Ayra is self-aware of her state for she admits “I’m just tired, not tryna be lazy / ‘Cause I’ve got a lot that I’ve been dealing with.” 

Omah Lay is no stranger to picking on mental health topics like those in People. It is not surprising why Libianca chose to feature him, and the singer reciprocates the energy. Work is taking a toll on the star artiste, “Nine to five, nine to five bebe / I’m the one say I’m the one, okay / Time to time, dey check on me bebe,” he reveals as he beckons for true companionship from his lover. Regardless he drives on, working relentlessly so far he has a good supply of the green substance. “I don’t really need your help / Yes I smoke weed, I can’t find peace / I stay hungry, don’t need much / See this vibe oh, cannot force it,” he infers. 

For her part, Libianca keeps the chorus, partly the second verse, and the outro while also providing backup vocals throughout the song. Mage the Producer is the accredited beat-maker of People. He is responsible for setting the brooding spirit of the audio through the instrumental. 

Listen to the finely remixed version of People by Libianca featuring Ayra Starr and Omah Lay:


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