Three (3) Facts About Burna Boy You Probably Don’t Know


Read to find three amazing facts about Burna Boy you would not have guessed.

Burna Boy

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, famously recognised as Burna Boy is known for many things. Above all is his stupendous creation of music which has translated to a successful career. Recently, Burna Boy rounded off the infamous year-long Love, Damini tour. In one of the grandest locations, the London Stadium, Ebro Darden for Apple Music was opportune to interview Burna. 

In that 11-minute insightful interview, Burna gave access to the BTS of the London Stadium show. He also welcomed viewers into his world, revealing facts about himself and his career no one would have guessed. 

Let us review just three of these interesting facts. 

Becoming a Multi-instrumentalist 

Amongst the lofty words heaped as praises on Burna Boy by Ebro is the musician’s integral ability to compose and sing music effortlessly. Be it actually singing, rhyming, rapping, genre fusing, or the art of writing—Burna Boy does it all. But did you know he is learning to play new musical instruments? 

“Are you actively working on sharpening new tools?” asks Ebro, to which Burna gave a surprising answer. “The guitar. I’m perfecting the saxophone and piano,” Burna replies. 

Although he would later admit he should not have revealed that. “Why?” Ebro asked. Burna continues, “I like the element of surprise. You pull up to one of my shows one day and I just bust out with the guitar, going crazy.” But “Now that you know I’m learning it, it takes out some of that [element of surprise],” Burna growls. 

Only Travelled for Educational Purposes 

Burna Boy’s grandfather was Fela’s manager. His mother, Bose Ogulu, worked as a translator for the Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce. That gives off the impression that his parent and grandparent were avid travelers. Flying in and out of Nigeria for work (and maybe vacation) purposes. 

It came as a shock, however, when Burna said he never really got to travel as a young boy. What prompted this conversation? During the interview, two young girls walked up to greet Burna Boy. His warm embrace of them made Ebro wonder at how much he (Burna Boy) must have enjoyed the same privilege as a little child. 

“No,” he answered when asked if he ever got to travel to see shows like those young girls. “It had to be under the guise of learning,” he clarifies. Adding more context, “My mum would take me to some parts of France—‘to learn French’,” Burna says. 

Theme Park Love Dami Tour Stage Setup

Concerts and theme stage setups are mutually inclusive. For Burna Boy’s Love Damini Tour especially, the Stadium phase, the stage setup took a theme park form. A carousel, a bridge, a birthday cake, and an elevator-type podium were some of the props utilized for the tour. 

On the fun fair or theme park stage setup, Burna Boy analysis breaks it down properly. “My favourite birthday that I could remember in life was when I got taken to a theme park as a child, and I got to watch Daddy Showkey in Festac perform.” Nailing the point, he concludes, “I kind of wanted to recreate that [because] I feel like I see things in colours that have no layers yet.”

Which of these three facts shocked you the most? 

If you wish to watch the full interview, click the video below:


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