Netflix to stream award winning film, For Maria Ebun Pataki on January 16.

For the year 2020, mental health got more spotlight that it usually did. For Nollywood acts, conversations and video clips concerning domestic violence, child abuse, depression and many others were rampant. One could say the year came with a inescapable reality check on what one’s going through. This is possibly one of the reasons Damilola Orimogunje put down a script for a movie, that earned an award for the 2020 Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature. The film was first available for watch on the 29th of September, 2020.

For Maria Ebun Pataki explores the existence of postpartum depression in an African Family. Derin, played by Meg Otanwa, encountered a complicated delivery upon birthing her daughter, Maria. Her husband Afolabi, played by Gabriel Afolayan is elated to finally drive wife and newborn home. Everything appeared fine, except it was on the surface. Gradually, it becomes evident how less and almost non-existent Derin’s happiness is, for the birth of Maria. As she begins to withdraw from life, her family and her baby, Afolabi is forced to confront the repercussions of the events surrounding Maria’s birth.

It’s plausible to speculate that one of the reasons Netflix will be streaming For Maria Ebun Pataki on the 16th of January is because, this is a Nigerian film with a frank look at postpartum depression and mental illness in African families.

Damilola Orimogunje is a Nigerian screenwriter and film director. He has a B.Sc. in Mass Communication from Caleb University, Lagos, Nigeria. His films have majorly been surrounded around themes as Love, Betrayal, Depression, and Death.
His debut feature film, For Maria Ebun Pataki premiered at Film Africa in November 2020. The film bagged six nominations at the prestigious AMAA awards, including Best Writing and Directing categories.

The film was produced by Damilola Orimogunje, David Wyte, and Alimi Olalekan, with Meg Otanwa, Gabriel Afolayan, Tina Mba, Judith Audu, Demi Banwoas members of the cast.

Damilola Orimogunje directed the film.
The credit for script writing goes to Damilola Orimogunje(Writer) and Tunray Femi.

Watch the trailer below:



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