Stefflon Don trends for being the root cause of Burna Boy’s “breakfast”

Twitter users react to Burna Boy’s emotional outpouring of heartbreak on latest single “Last Last”, calling out Stefflon Don for being the root cause.

Stefflon Don (left) and Burna Boy (right)

Burna Boy projects himself as someone extraordinary in character with a strong record of achievements and features (be it professionally, businesses wise or personally) to show for it. No wonder he calls himself the African Giant. This has made onlookers, fans inclusive and even the media to portray Burna Boy (born—Damini Ogulu) as sort of a demigod, someone we have come to know to stand firmly on his words, whether it appears ‘reasonable’ or ‘feasible’ in the present. Another persona Burna Boy is also associated is one he carries so gracefully, a villainy persona, someone who loves being the public enemy and doesn’t care for any other person’s feeling but quite the opposite is the scenario painted in his latest single—Last Last—wherein he literally tells the whole world he is emotionally heartbroken due to his past relationship not turning out as planned and leaving him hurt.

This brings Stefflon Don into the picture. Famous for her music which cuts across various genres such as Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Bashment and Afrobeats, she was Burna Boy’s girlfriend between early 2019 and late 2021. Despite their relationship very much in the public eye, the break-up seemed peaceful and amicable as both parties went their separate ways without any drama, at least none was brought to the media.

E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast o” says Burna Boy on Last Last, confessing to having ate “breakfast”—a slang for “heartbreak” in the colloquial Nigerian Pidgin English. Giving more details as to his emotional state (as at the time of recording the song), he sings on the first verse, “She manipulate my love o / . . . / My eye o don cry o”, furthering it by “Why you say I did nothing for you / When I for do anything you want me to do”, alluding to ex-girlfriend (whom we can only trace and assume to be Stefflon Don) causing him so much pain while also labelling some false accusations against his name, (the latter not proven yet).

Those lyrics have caused a stir on social media, especially Twitter with multitude of users inputting their reactions on the song in relation to what Stefflon Don seemingly did to Burna Boy for him to come out so vulnerable on a song. They also express shock as Burna Boy might have been the last singer they expected to give way to ‘human feelings’, openly giving way to tears on a song. Tweeps make Stefflon Don the subject of their tweets, humourously calling her out for making Burna Boy feel sad, questioning her purpose for doing so while they troll the African Giant for confessing his heartbreak on a record, saying he deceived them with his macho figure as they never in a lifetime would have guessed him being so much in his feelings over a woman.

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