Burna Boy expresses vulnerability on latest single “Last Last”

“E don cast, last last, na everybody go chop breakfast”, Burna Boy sings on “Last Last”.

During the closing minutes of his set at the shutdown Madisson Square Garden, New York “One Night in Space” concert, superstar musician Burna Boy performed an unreleased song with the very famous phrase “na everybody go chop breakfast” in it—a phrase used to connote heartbreak, especially romantic relationship break-up. True to the meaning, Burna Boy is in his most vulnerable self as he sings heartily on what has caused him heartbreaks in the far and recent past.

Burna Boy starts by singing of his collapsed relationship with ex-girlfriend, saying: “And I know I’m in trouble / She manipulate my love o / I no holy and I no denge pose like baba fryo / My eye o don cry o”, confessing to the pain he felt after their break-up; but relationship break-up is not the only source of Burna Boy’s heartbreak as he mentions some few others namely the gruesome murder of a close friend identified as Soboma and him almost loosing his life when he crashed his Ferrari in February before going back to speak on the hurt of breaking up from his ex. To cope with the pain, Burna Boy asks for “igbo” (weed) and “shayo” (alcohol) repeatedly on Last Last chorus.

Burna Boy’s vulnerability does not stop at just admitting his pain and how much heartbreak it caused him, he goes on to ask the woman who broke his heart to rethink her decisions as he is ready to do anything for her and just “Maybe another time, maybe another life you will be my wife and we’ll get it right”.

Chopstix reunites with Burna Boy on Last Last, producing the instrumental which samples Toni Braxton’s “He Wasn’t Man Enough”. Listen!

Last Last is the 7th track from Burna Boy’s “Love, Damini” 6th album to be released on July 1.


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