Victony and Tempoe call on Don Toliver and Rema for ‘Soweto’ remix

Artwork for ‘Soweto’ remix

Outlawville Supreme Leader, Victony, and the “Mad!” producer, Tempoe, have officially released the remix to their 2022 hit track, ‘Soweto’ with Rema and Don Toliver

Point blank: Soweto is a song about Victony sending amorous advances to a female he fancies because of her thumping nates. The remix isn’t any different in theme. It just welcomes American R&B singer, Don Toliver, and Nigerian Afro-pop prince, Rema, to describe such amorous feelings from their viewpoints. 

Straight to the point, Don Toliver uses his sleek vocals to make clear his intentions—one about the bedroom. “New key to the bedroom (Uh) / Be there when I pull up, pull up, pull up / Know I’m there soon / Be there when I pull up,” Don sets the mood for a romantic rendezvous with his fling.

In describing the action that will take place later in his bedroom, Toliver paints an act-by-act vivid imagery, “She let me lick it up, uh-huh / You know what’ll happen when I’m gonna beat it up / So baby would you just give one reason / I’ma hold your waist and watch you whine / . . . / I want to get loose with you, I want to reach ecstasy / I want to have sex (I want you sexually) / When I move bae, watch my step (My step),” he colours the canvas to the taste of his lover.

Rema soon steps up shortly after Victony’s hook (which stays the same as the original). Rema over the years has never shied from proclaiming himself a proud member of the Adonitology community; there are enough songs to back this up.

Tell me where you dey yeah, yeah, ọmọge yeah, yeah / Send locay, go any kilometer for your waist,” the youngster gets in rhythm. In declaring his love for big curvy women, and his intentions to sexually please, Rema speaks a little French to entice them, “Yay j’aime les mauvaises filles / Oh baby, comment allez vous ni,” he says to caress their emotions. 

In summary, Soweto remix is quite worth the wait. Although Don Toliver did not flow as expected on the Tempoe-produced Afrobeats instrumental, he made up for the lapses in his lyrical content. Victony re-sings the verse from the original while he and Rema share a brotherly connection in the second hook. The three artistes make for a great listening experience which should translate to ginormous replay value for the tune. 


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