ODUMODUBLVCK Fails to Release Promised ‘EZIOKWU’ Mixtape; Gives Reason



ODUMODUBLVCK and the cover artwork for ‘EZIOKWU’

Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu, notoriously known as ODUMODUBLVCK to the public has been an interesting act to watch in 2023. From his massive PR and social media antics to his audacious personality to his incredible blend of sweet melodies and gangster rap, ODUMO never fails to leave an impact on first sight.

Today, Thursday, 31 August 2023 was the promised release date for his new mixtape—EZIOKWU—but it has failed to appear on DSPs. 

Before today, unabating awareness schemes were put in place to make sure everyone got wind of EZIOKWU. August 31st felt like the second coming of Jesus Christ to ODUMODUBLVCK’s core fans. They waited on it like a thief in the night, hoping not to be caught off-guard, and to be first to stream the mixtape as if it were a competition.

But to everyone’s surprise, EZIOKWU failed to show up. A rude awakening of the highest order! In the popular words of sports guru, Stephen A. Smith, We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, lead astray, run amok and flat out deceived!”

Fans, critics, and lovers of music alike are left in the dark as to why ODUMODUBLVCK decided to pull the plug at such a terminal period. ODUMODUBLVCK, however, has come out to reveal the intent behind shifting the mixtape’s release. 

EZIOKWU is an Igbo word meaning ‘TRUTH.’ Hence, the reason for the default of EZIOKWU per ODUMO is because “NO ONE IS READY FOR THE TRUTH.” As for the apology, “I AM DEEPLY SORRY,” he says. 

As stated earlier, ODUMODUBLVCK is a man of many antics. Acknowledging his break of oath, he comes up with an intriguing skit. In the skit, ODUMO and his Anti-World Gangsters cohort were busy enjoying the banging tunes of ODUMO from the studio speakers. That went on until the DSS knocked on the door. Why? To arrest ODUMODUBLVCK for failing to keep his words on EZIOKWU.

That video showed all along ODUMODUBLVCK knew he was not going to release the mixtape but decided to toil with his fan base’s emotions. The same inference can be decoded from an earlier post which shows him in handcuffs. The caption reads: “ME TONIGHT.”

As it stands, the public is grossly disappointed by ODUMODUBLVCK’s actions. Regardless, they still have hopes of receiving EZIOKWU in the near future. 


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