Simi redefines what it means to be a “Woman” on newly released single

Simi is back! This time as an advocate for women and womanhood, outpouring her disdain against wrongful societal norms and perspectives on what it takes to be a ‘true woman’. The society places value on women being submissive to the heads (men), expects them to quickly get loved up quickly and show their commitment through marital vows, expects them to be a home-body, that is, not too ambitious while scornfully looking at those chasing after careers, they (the society) consider a man’s job but in her new single, Simi addresses the flaws in the society’s view of women while not outrightly bashing it or condemning their opinions.

“Woman don suffer o, Lowo everybody / Suffer suffer for world “Aamen” / . . . / Man no like woman, woman no like woman / She no be like water “water e no get enemy”” Simi sings on the first verse, interpolating “Water No Get Enemy” by Fela in the process before Adekunle Gold comes on the chorus, also stressing one of Fela’s statements from the same song in “I never talk finish, I never talk finish (I never talk)”.

On the second verse and pre-chorus is where Simi really takes her time to address the flaws in the societal views of generalising women under one umbrella, “Na so so submission o, shey we get assignment” Simi wordplays, “If woman get confidence o “She no be woman” / Woman get money won ni ashewo ni “She no be woman” / If she no get man 4 side, dey go dey push on her aside” Simi explains.

The music video premiered on Apple Music, showing different generations of women and the various career opportunities they can chase after and achieve in opposition to the ‘society’s demands’ of what a ‘true woman’ should be. The video will be released by 4 PM WAT today officially on YouTube. Until then, listen to the Woman:


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