Soft Boy status is not just word of mouth, Lord Vino—Lord V (for short)—straight from the get-go showed that to the listeners through the cover art, playing golf on a very green pasture, what other evidence of being a Soft Boy do you still need?

Soft Boy is a rap EP that dishes out expensive bars over bouncy instrumentals in which Lord Vino talks about his luxurious lavish lifestyle while delivering hot steam punchlines, wordplays and paying homage to the OGs in the Nigerian Hip-Hop/Rap scene when the opportunity avails itself. It was released January 1, 2021 and despite the EP’s impressive replay value, relatable lyrics (even if we all wish to live the life Lord V raps about), cosigns from top rappers in the game like M.I Abaga and overall a very solid rap project, Soft Boy failed to scratch the surface of the Nigerian mainstream music sector, hence it being discussed on our very own Undercover segment.

If you are searching for a music project containing braggadocious flows, luxury bars as if it was a Rick Ross album, intuitive puns, tenacious chemistry between production and lyrics, a positive ‘feel good’ vibe tape, then look no further for Lord Vino’s Soft Boy has all that and more to offer.

Before going in-depth into his Soft Boy lifestyle or in a lay man’s term—someone drowning in wealth and affluence—Lord V made sure to show his diverse rap pattern, rhyme scheme and flow on first track—“D.H.L Flow”—declaring himself “the king of delivery” even boasting that American rapper “[MC] Hammer can’t touch this”.

The second track serves as the introduction to Lord V’s Soft Boy way of living, once again using clever wordplay, asserting himself to feeling like David Beckham the way he balls out with his guys. He also declared legendary rapper, M.I the G.O.A.T if had to choose.

First things first, I’m a top boy / I no dey form hard guy, I’m a soft boy” he reminds listeners on the intro to the third song First Things First before declaring affections of love to a girl on the mid-tempo instrumental as Yung L lays soothing calm vocals on the hook.

One thing Lord Vino is not scared of doing is sending shots to whoever doubts his rap ability, this time he goes toe-to-toe with Lucifer, combating the Devil on who the hottest act is: “Verses are fire / To get on my level you best have a chat with the Devil / Speaking of Lucifer that na my boy when it comes to the melodies / That’s why the Father done sent him to hell ’cause my verses are heavenly /. . . / Ready to die, boy you better be ’cause nobody testing me.”, he sternly affirms on “If You Know You Know” stylised as I.Y.K.Y.K,.

Money, influence, cars, women and all that come with being a Soft Boy even having achieved the height of “the only MC with two MSc.” is not quite satisfactory to Lord Vino, as he claims to feel the love musically just like one of Nigerian rap pioneers, Naeto C; this Lord V admits as he sings the chorus: “They like me but I want them to love me like Naeto C” but in the meantime, he recklessly indulges in the Soft Boy way, dieting on Suya & Wine.

On the last track, Lord Vino reveals the secret behind being a Soft Boy—hardwork and consistency—ending the 3-minute lecture with the question Y’aanstan? (Pronounced as “You Understand?”).

End note: Lord Vino’s Soft Boy provides a solid balance between club bangers and lyricism. Lord V seemed intentional the entire 22 minutes of the project, always conscious of who and where he’s directing his energy, lyrics, shout-outs and subliminal shots to/at. You should definitely listen to Soft Boy!


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