Ruger’s “RU The World” is Filled With Sensual Chunes!


Ruger offers sensual tunes detailing his life and experiences in his debut album, ‘RU The World.’

RU The World cover

Since his introduction to the music industry, Ruger has crafted a niche sound mixing Afro-pop, Hip-Hop, and Dancehall groove. But with his debut album, RU The World, Ruger seems more comfortable with Dancehall inspirations, exploring the genre in-depthly. 

One noticeable factor of Dancehall is the fast-tempo beat which moves the spirit of its listeners to burst out gyrating movements vigorously. No wonder Ruger harnessed it on his debut album. Ruger makes music for the ladies. He his never shy to express his innermost blend of sweet toxic love through his music. Now, coupled with Dancehall tempo, he is sure to have a smash hit. 

RU The World is Ruger speaking on his life and experiences. A young boy touring the world with easy access to varieties of women. Within two years of breaking into the mainstream media, Ruger must have had blissful relationships, experienced heartbreaks, and linked up with flings. All these he sings in details in his debut album with inexorable braggadocio.

The first track Tour is Ruger’s victory lap. He assures his mother her son is safe hands, achieving his dreams as promised. Ruger, secretly is a fan of toxic love. It’s evident in the making of Red Flags, Island Girl, Ashana, Nine and BoyToy. 

It is however not shocking to hear Ruger express his sweet loving good boy side on Dear Ex in which he pens his remorse for treating his former lover wrongly. In Kristy, Ruger promises not to be a playboy. “I’ll never be done with your love, Just know I’ll be here for the long run,” he assures. In track 3, he bares his mission open and clear, I Want Peace, he pleads. 

When Ruger is not serenading, he is busy advocating for self-worth, boasting about his endeavours. Listen to Jonzing Boy, Asiwaju and Tour to get the full grasp. Holy Ground holds the same notion but from a standpoint of gratitude to and dependence on God. 

Stefflon Don, Govana, Projexx aided Ruger’s dancehall ministry while Sauti Sol added their flair to the album. Jugglerz make a two-time appearance, showing off their production expertise. 

All together, Ruger has curated an album of 17 songs, revealing the true nature of his art for all to hear. Pay close attention to Ruger. He is on a mission to Ru The World!


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