Tems returns with new single—”Crazy Things”

Tems is back, releasing her first song in 2021—Crazy Things—an R&B tempoed song with obvious Afrobeat production sample embedded in its instrumental, noticeable via its drumbeat and piano sounds.

The song Crazy Things is Tems way of telling a lover (probably an ex) that she does not want to be babied by him and would love to be exempted from his continuous lies and deceit. The (ex-)lover probably did this to make her feel better but Tems sings on the first verse: “All you do is try and try and try / You don’t even know the kind of things / But you try to tell me all these things” concluding by telling him she will need her space from him and the relationship for the sake of her sanity.

The song definitely tenders their drifting relationship and the need for them to be separated from each other before he makes her run insane. “I just think I can do better” Tems says in a bid to cool the heat and explains why they need not reestablish the dynamic of the relationship they once shared.

Listen to Crazy Things:


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