Shizzi accuses Teni of not giving him the producer’s credit on “Case”; Teni replies, says Shizzi “wanted to waste my life” and asks him to drop prove of production via stems


Shizzi and Teni are at loggerheads over who rightly owns the producer credit to Teni’s “Case”. Both parties have resulted in thug-of-words and the battlefield is Twitter.

Shizzi (left); Teni (right) | PC: @shizzi and @TeniEntertainer (Twitter)

Shizzi “Magic fingers”, the well acclaimed music producer famous for his several works with Davido and more recently, the hit single—”Peru”—has come outright to accuse Teni of taking a beat he made for her and reproducing it through an in-house producer to make the smash-hit “Case” record.

It was a tweet gone the opposite direction for Teni “the Entertainer”, who Shizzi pulled out a Uno reverse card on after she insinuates to some people being “users” in an earlier tweet posted yesterday. “Users have no pity, they’ll use you and feel no remorse”, Teni posted to her 1.1M followers on Twitter but it seems Shizzi wasn’t having it as he calls her out for bad work ethics (as it were),

“You, that took a song that I produced with you “Case” and you went and gave your in-house producer to reproduce it without my consent and you released the song and your guy “Nurse Dolor” endorsed it with no remorse till 2day.., you’re talking about users.. nah stop it” (sic), Shizzi rants on his Twitter, even comically calling Dr Dolor (“Case” producer and Teni’s frequent collaborator)—”Nurse Dolor”, making fun of the “Dr” in Dr Dolor.

However, Teni on getting wind of the accusations was quick to render it false, even bringing forward her own dose of accusations, saying Shizzi “wanted to waste my life”, “gave my songs away”, and “my mother paid you [Shizzi] and I got out the contract”; Teni also asks of prove that Shizzi produced “Case” as he claims, telling him to posts the stems.

It’s hard to tell who is exactly on the rightside for now, as we await Shizzi’s response through proving he has the stems for the instrumentals of “Case”, until then, the loggerheads and thug-of-words between both parties might continue.


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