Pheelz’s sophomore project, ‘Pheelz Good’, is filled with zest for life, and party anthems


Pheelz releases his new project—‘Pheelz Good.’

Pheelz Good cover artwork

The transition from a behind-the-scene on-the-deck beat-maker to a superstar-caliber singer took a while for Pheelz (born Philip Kayode Moses) but thanks to his 2022 smash-hit singles—‘Finesse’ and ‘Electricity’—it ‘Pheelz Good’ to be in his present position. 

2022 was a good year musically for Pheelz, which is why the producer cum artiste is starting the year on a strong note with his second project in two years—Pheelz Good.

Taking into consideration the 4 pre-released songs, namely the two above, ‘Balin’, and the most recent ‘Stand By You’, the EP brings forth just four new records but a total of 8 tracks drawing inspiration from Pop, R&B, Street-Hop, and Afropop. 

Over 90% of Pheelz Good contains high-octane songs which exude a great zest for life and simultaneously double as party anthems or club bangers. 

Despite the records in Pheelz Good sending a “live your life, party till dawn” message, the lyrics embedded in these records show maturity, and progression in Pheelz’s lifestyle and career as regards hustling, relationships, experience, and status. 

Omo this hustle make you dey reason things brother man / The kind of things wey go ginger you, give you wings / Omo dem think say we both dey the same plane / But dem no know say their own flight na economy”, Pheelz solemnly sings as he paints his newly found money to fame path in ‘Ewele.’ ‘Ballin’ carries same theme. 

Apart from the raging party theme, love, and romantic relationship also made their mark in the project; ‘Stand By You’ and ‘Pheelz Like Summer’ are two consecutive tracks that limn Pheelz’s desire for a stable and happy partner. 

I put nothing above you (You) / You know I put nothing above you / . . . / I’ll stick with you just like a tattoo (-Too)”, and “You know I will never find another lover / Since I got you in my life, girl it feels like paradise (Oh no)” are quotables from ‘Stand By You’ and ‘Pheelz Like Summer’ respectively, clearly showing the singer’s stance on intimate love. 

The unprovoked righteous use of the elephant emoji is a go-to for Pheelz on social media. He tells the importance of that in ‘Pablo Escobar’, a song about achieving his wild dreams; an elephant is a slow animal but a significant one as told by his “dad who had the gift of dreams and seeing visions”, Pheelz tells Apple Music

Pheelz reckoned his father was good with the use of parables. One of the most profound to him is the elephant tale which pertains to two things—“the first, that it might take me a longer to get to where I want to where I need to get because I’m taking one giant step after another. It also means that whenever I get to where I need to be, the world shakes”—he relayed to Apple Music. 

It makes sense now why he sang “They never thought a young ni–a will get so far (Away) / See they be calling me Pablo Escobar (Away) / These are the signs foretold by my papa (Away) / Say when the elephant steps in it’s over (Away)” in the hook of ‘Pablo Escobar.’

Pheelz writes and produces all eight songs with production help from Miichkel (‘Stand By You’, and ‘Finesse’) and vocal assistance from Davido (‘Electricity’) and BNXN fka Buju (‘Finesse’). 

To know the reason Pheelz Pheelz Good, listen to his new project:


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