Olamide speaks on dabbling into production with the Grammys

The Grammys had the luxury of interviewing Olamide in Manhattan recently in which they focused solely on Olamide’s 2021 pop album—UY Scuti—the inspiration, his love for supporting new artistes and his latest adventure, dabbling into production.

Asked on what he has learned from the recording process so far, Olamide noted this is his first time doing anything production related, also stating the major reason he decided to look into production: “I started production because sometimes I don’t know how to explain to everyone, apart from a few people, how I’m feeling.

On the process behind him recording himself since he is mostly on the road, Olamide conveys: “. . . I record my ideas and tell my guys to teach me one or two things. I’ll make something tiny and skeletal, just put down the idea. . . If I’m having difficulties with anything, I go on Google [or YouTube] and search.” Olamide made sure to note his dabbling into production is “just [for] vibe”.

You can read the full interview here.

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