Justin Bieber’s performance of Afrobeat produced “Freedom” draws huge comparison to Wizkid music style

A video in which Canadian superstar singer, Justin Bieber performs live the first track off his surprise EP released on on April 4, 2021—Freedom—has generated a lot of comparisons to Nigerian music superstar, Wizkid, with fans of the latter sensing a lot of influence in production, sound and dance routine (or body movements) from Justin Bieber that can be said to have been pioneered by Wizkid.

The video posted shows Justin bieber wearing a sky blue jacket with its matching trouser and a vest underneath performing with a live band to thousands of audience present singing word-for-word the Afrobeat produced Freedom.

Fans of Wizkid, proudly called Wizkid FC, however, have their opinions regarding Justin’s sound. They claim he not only jumped on a familiar Afrobeat production from the percussion to the trumpets but also copied Wizkid’s sound vocally, as they say he, that is Justin Bieber, sounds nothing like his natural self, that does not mean Justin sounded awful but is a compliment to the Nigerian SoundMan.

Here’s a video showing a resemblance in Freedom‘s minimalist midtempo Lo-fi melody and lyrics to Wizkid’s fever:

A few others even “dug deeper”, claiming Justin being influenced by Wizkid did not start with Freedom but its origin can be traced to the pose on “Justice” album which had both artistes placing their hands across their face, covering an eye each in the artwork for their respective albums. Another similarity is the titling of their heads to the side.

Made In Lagos (Wizkid) vs Justice (Justin Bieber) albums artwork

Some are of the opinion he should have at least given Wizkid a shout-out at the end of the performance for the influence and style:


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