BNXN fka Buju comes up with a new street slogan “Traboski” in new song

Living life and indulging in booze, drugs and women is BNXN’s main focus in latest single, “Traboski”.

Traboski beautiful artwork

BNXN fka Buju first solo release since his sophomore project “Bad Since ’97” appeals to the street-hop demographic more than his core fan base. His new song title is Traboski, emanating a ‘let loose, live your life, do not be weighed down by your anxieties’ mantra. Willis “Giddem” is responsible for cooking up the Amapiano instrumental for Traboski

“’Cause I dey on cruise / Now do as you’re told / ‘Cause me I don dey / And me I feel good / If you give me one shot or two / I doubt if I go fit move”, BNXN sings as to his present cognitive, giving off hints to being high on booze and not thinking too much of what happens next because (in his words) “me I feel good”. 

The desire to keep on living the good life lingers on BNXN’s mind for he sings “Mo ti traboski, already / Padi mi, shaa nu mi / Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn / Ko de wa steady” in the chorus, letting his pals know how much high on drugs he has attained.

What Traboski entails is how BNXN’s love for the good life pushed him to chase after vanities such as drugs, alcohol, women, and sex. The latter is discussed in the second verse with BNXN fka Buju narrating his encounter with a woman of his choosing and how she turned the left eye on him but that did not deter him from stating his aim, which is copulation. He sings, “I tell you something / You do like say you no wan learn / I no dey really like vex / No yawa, we just wan sex / . . . / Nkan ti mo n ro / Don’t let no one know / I just wan live your way oh”. 

Traboski is a street slogan BNXN claimed to have invented. It shares similar connotations with other street-invented words like ‘Trabaye’ and ‘Gbemi debe’; early projection for Traboski becoming a street anthem is not far-fetched because of the rhythms and its short playtime of just over two (2) minutes which guarantees a high replay value.


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