Asake and TG Omori continue their cinematic bromance in “Terminator” visuals

Asake and TG Omori turns lyrics to motion pictures in “Terminator” music video.

Mr. Money With The Vibe artwork

Ever since Asake blew up and TG Omori stepped in as the man behind the lens, it has been nothing but one beautifully shot and brilliantly directed video after another. The visuals for Asake’s latest hit song, Terminator, adds to the testament—a blossoming cinematic bromance between TG Omori and Asake.

The video starts off with Asake engaging in physical combat, similar to the olden custom of gladiators in Greece and Rome in which they fought in the Colosseum to the amazement of the speculators. When these gladiators emerge victorious, they are usually compensated with a female for sexual pleasures purposes, this Asake receives in form of a bountifully endowed lady.

It is no surprise to hear Asake delightfully sing, “Cause you dey amaze / You dey amaze me / Your body amazing” but it seems the lady might be showing signs of hesitation, for he started off by saying “Awe / Come make we talk I no be killer killer hire hire / This your loving get meaning for my body o”, assuring her that although she might have seen win the coliseum bout, he has no intentions of hurting her, rather he urges her to make sense of the agreement between them, which Terminator lyrics paint clearly.

Terminator is the third single off Asake’s sophomore project, “Mr. Money With the Vibe”, scheduled for a September 2 2022 release date.


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