Buju hilariously replies to past tweets of him trending on the internet

Buju has been the topic of discussion since morning, not for his music, not for a recent act but for his disdainful tweets by him in which he gave his thoughts about some certain musicians and music, picking whom he liked and those he considered “trash”.

These tweets under consideration have been out since 2016 which had Buju giving his honest (unpopular) music opinions (as at then). One of them reads: “If I say that “Daddy Yo” song is trash now y’all probably go mad so YAY!! Mad Jam!!”; yet another says: Sean Paul featured Beyoncé once. . . He now went to feature Timaya. . . 100-0 real f–king quick!”.

Although those harsh tweets by Buju have been deleted, it resurfacing via screenshots by various influencers account did amount to him being dragged and called all sorts of names, some even went as labelling him “trash” and “overrrated” like he did other top artistes before him.

One would expect Buju to come up with the generic excuse of him being naive or not matured enough then but Buju decided to post a meme where a guy is nonchalantly cursing people out in Yoruba but when translated it means: “. . .your mother is insane, whatever you like is what you should say.” but in a funny way.

This of course has resulted in him being called insensitive, unreasonable and the likes while others are praising his ‘I don’t care attitude’, viewing the humourous reply as ‘cruise’.


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