The Big Brother Naija week five was an eventful one. It was characterized by a whirlwind of emotions and events, which kept viewers entertained and the housemates busy.

The housemates started their week coming to terms with Kiddwaya’s exit from the house. While also getting comfortable with the four new house guests: Lucy, Prince Nelson, Kim Oprah, and Sholzy. These new housemates were met with a mix of apprehension and excitement from the housemates.

The Head Of House Games

Soma won the HOH games on Monday and emerged as the fifth Head of House this season. He then selected Seyi, Alex, Adekunle, and Angel as his BFFs. Thereby allowing them access to the HOH lounge. However, no housemate earned immunity this week through the “pardon me please ” twist or black envelope as in previous weeks.

Relationship Drama and Conflicts

Like every other week, week five also had its fair share of relationship drama. Soma and Angel finally defined their romantic relationship as they both confessed their feelings for each other. However, Tolani Baj and Neo’s relationship remained rocky as the two struggled to find common ground. In a now-viral clip, Neo attempted to end things with Tolani, but she insisted they continue.

You can read an excerpt of their conversation below:

Neo said: “I’m done; I want to move on.” While Tolanibaj replied: “This thing that you want to quit, I’m not quitting it. You can quit it on your own side. This is just one of the many obstacles that we will overcome.”

Doyin and Cece’s friendship also hit a rough patch as they stopped speaking on Saturday. The rift only appears to be growing as Ceec, in a conversation with Ike, revealed that she has no intention of reconciling with Doyin.

Big Brother’s Games and Workshops

Biggie stepped in to relieve the growing tensions in the house. He organized a surprise comedy night for the housemates to help relieve their stress. He also played several pranks on the housemates during the week. Such as placing the housemates on freeze mode after their evening shower. Then, instruct Ninja 8 to spray them with whipped cream.

Then on Wednesday, Biggie invited Hamisha Daryani Ahuja into the big brother naija house to host a two-day workshop titled The Pursuit of Happiness. This workshop involved various exercises that encouraged the housemates to reflect on what gratitude, happiness, and self-care meant to them.

During the two-day workshop, several housemates with strained relationships finally reconciled. These included Ike and Ilebaye, Angel and Cross, Ilebaye and Seyi, and Ceec and Tolanibaj, among others.

However, the workshop also triggered confrontations between some housemates. For instance, Tolanibaj and Ilebaye got into a heated argument about boundaries and personal space. Likewise, a task on self-care resulted in an argument between Kim Oprah and Lucy. Things got so heated Lucy even requested that Big Brother allow her to leave the house.

Week 5 Arena Games and Eviction Night

Pere emerged victorious during Friday’s night arena games. The game was immediately followed up with a pool and grill party. Futhermore, during the party, Cross and Ilebaye indulged in a passionate kiss. An incident which Kim Oprah was visibly displeased with. But Illebaye assured her she was not interested in pursuing a romantic connection with Cross.

The Big Brother Naija week five ended with a double eviction as Ebuka evicted Tolanibaj and Frodd from the Big Brother House. While Seyi narrowly escaped eviction for the fourth time. Sunday’s night eviction brings up the total number of evicted housemates to five.

Stay tuned for a recap of week 6.


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