Ajebutter 22 and Ajebo Hustlers advocate for “Enjoyment” on new song

Ajebutter 22 and Ajebo Hustlers boast about “Enjoyment” in their first-ever collaboration.

Knowledge (left), Piego (right) of Ajebo Hustlers and Ajebutter 22 (middle) on set for “Enjoyment” video shoot | PC: ajebutter22 (IG)

When the three known Ajebo/Ajebutter (a term for rich or materialistic or ‘soft life’) singers link up on a record, fans know to expect nothing less than money talks, “God when?”-type relationship goals, and braggadocio show of wealth either in person or by extension, what they have in store for their loved ones, in this case, their romantic flings. The cost of living might be high but for Ajebutter 22 and the Ajebo Hustlers duo, it does not seem so, for they plan to use “Enjoyment [to] blind [the] eyes” of their lover (in a good way though). The subject matter of their new song is Enjoyment and they discuss it in full, leaving no crumbs.


Phrases like “Let me into your life / . . . / Use enjoyment kill you girl tonight”, “Private trips for your private story / Ja’ye le, ko ja’ye foreign”, “You know whenever I pull up, it is a frenzy / As a minister of enjoyment, it’s plenty” and “Writing cheques is my forté” exude the top-class lifestyle these stars lavish in and the joy they derive in sharing their privileged lifestyle with their romantic flings. To a bourgeoise fellow, those statements might seem out-of-reach but Ajebutter 22 and the Ajebo Hustlers are confident in their ability to spend in great amounts without experiencing bankruptcy. 


In between Ajebutter 22 and Knowledge (of Ajebo Hustlers) gasconade, we hear ingenious lyrics depicting creative lyricism. “Omo sexy, would you let me? / Fuel your engine, so you no go blow empty”, Knowledge raps, as he relates his babe’s bank account to the engine of a mechanical motor, knowing fully well that money is the fuel to her luxurious taste just like fuel keeps an engine moving; “Same Barney I dey pet like Edochie” is another show of his pen game. In that verse he raps about his ability to be tender around his girl like the children’s favourite character, Barney from the popular show “Barney & Friends” while also making a sleek reference to Nollwood legend, Peter (“Pet(e)”) Edochie. Ajebutter 22 is a master of puns but an outstanding wordplay among the many in Enjoyment is “My girl no dey lay / But is she a Tory?”, in reference to American rapper, Tory Lanez


Listen to Ajebutter 22 and Ajebo Hustlers live up to the meaning of their names on Enjoyment



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