Election Day: 5 Songs Depicting the Agony of Nigerians


We at MediaNaija have compiled just 5 songs that express the agony of Nigerians over the years as regards the country’s rulership. 

5 Songs Depicting the Agony of Nigerians

Since the inception of time, man has always yearned for power, either to use it for a beneficial course like King Hezekiah of Bible times or to benefit himself as was the case of the fictional Geoffery Lannister

The process of rulership has changed over time; nowadays, the majority vote for democracy as opposed to the prevalent authoritarian methodology of times past. 

Well, such is the case of Nigeria’s government, or at least appears to be. Today, February 25, happens to be the National Election Day of Nigeria, where citizens decide their next president for the coming 4 years. 

This sort of voting and the electoral process took place in 2019 but fast forward to the present day, dismay at the disappointing government is the daily subject in town. 

While the citizens march forth to decide the possible standard of living for the next 4 years, we at MediaNaija have compiled just 5 songs that express the agony of Nigerians over the years as regards the country’s rulership. 

These songs depict the downgraded economy, the poor state of living of the masses, the failed manifestos of these rulers, and the general disgust for the presiding government among other issues. 

1. 4th Republic by Show Dem Camp ft. Vector & DAP The Contract 

In his verse, Vector outrightly declares “Many claim in these Buhari times / If you only carry rhymes / You go soon carry arms.” With those words, the rapper paints the unfortunate reality of Nigerians who because of the bad economic state have resulted in making ends meet through dubious activities. Scamming, kidnapping, ritualism, and money laundering have become the norm in Nigeria. 

DAP The Contract dwells more on the substandard state of living in Nigeria when he said “Check, in our city we work minimum wage,” expounding on why Nigerians are frustrated. No wonder “the people poor like Edgar Alan,” DAP strikingly admits later on in his verse. 

Ghost of Show Dem Camp used sharp metaphors to paint the state of Nigeria in his rap as he “[bounced] off the energy outsourced” in the previous verses. One predominant issue he talked about is the undisguised religious division among Nigerian citizens. “But back to this country I call home / Where Sallah meat can turn a region into a war zone,” Ghost spits with clarity of mind. 

As for Tec, he compliments the other rappers’ verses but played his patriotic part by admonishing Nigerians to go out en massé to vote. “They can’t hold us down / We pulling out the punches / Like Deontay in the final round,” he voiced in the conclusion of his verse. 

2. No Fit Vex by Burna Boy 

Life e no easy my brother / You dey find your own / Me I dey find my own,” Burna Boy says in No Fit Vex, sharing the sentiment of the average Nigerian citizen. 

No Fit Vex is an ode to the willpower Nigerians put into hustling for their daily bread despite all odds. The situation is so bad that “My people just dey try to find any way / Grinding, just to stay alive every day / To survive, have to go outside in the rain,” Burna Boy states. 

The melancholic ambiance of No Fit Vex represents the current despondent state of Nigeria, another depiction of the prevailing agony in the nation. 

3. Are You There? by Rema 

People generalise politics as a grown man’s game, hence, seeing no need for youth involvement, but Rema begs to differ with Are You There?

Rema admits “Cruise no dey finish inside the country,” however that does not stop the young star from airing his disapproval at the failed rulers. 

Many issues bother the mind of Rema but amongst the list of topics he touched on, one stands out—the inhuman killing of protesting Nigerian youths on October 10, 2020. 

That stands in the Top 5 reasons the youth of today publicly declare their hate for the Nigerian government, especially that of Lagos state (which is where the killing occurred). 

Rema spoke for everyone by expressing his disgust at the unhinged response and blatant denial of the killing on 20-10-2020. “People dey die, but people still dey go club that day / People no send e dey happen each and every other day / Casket, plus the undertaker song wey dem they play,” an angry Rema condemns. 

4. Chop Elbow by Prettyboy D-O ft. Falz 

Enough of the rambling about the economy of Nigeria and failed governmental promises. Prettyboy D-O comes out to curse them all, “Poverty take elbow / Popo chop elbow / Enemies take elbow,” he blasts. 

Prettyboy D-O calls out all levels of authority from the presidency to the local government chairman and denounces them for mismanagement of power and its subsequent effect on the lives of the citizens. He puts Falz on to help amplify his pain, and endorse his call for revolution. 

5. Vigilante Bop by Alpha Ojini ft. Odumodublvck 

Alpha Ojini is ready to carry out his civic duty of casting his vote with concrete shreds of evidence pushing him to do so. He passionately states them in Vigilante Bop

The hike in PMS rate is one of them, “I no go shock if NNPC open mouth / Tell us forty k for forty litres,” Alpha Ojini notes. Extortion by men in uniform is another, “Imagine, olopa get mind to ask me anything for weekend /. . . / Them don see say wetin dey my wallet na my last card / So the bastard say make I transfer,” agitated Ojini raps, “The thunder wey go fire you still dey warm up,” Alpha concludes. 

In carrying out his civic right of voting, Alpha Ojini is determined to be uncorrupted by the swaying bribes of political party agents. “Abeg comot yansh for there / F–k your bag of rice / I no wan collect,” he confidently boasts. 

Odumodublvck agrees one hundred percent with Alpha Ojini, therefore he declares war against the authority. “Heavenly felony, you know the matter / Abobbi I dagbo olopa / Cemetery nemesis, put them in agony,” Odomodu utters unprovoked. 

These are just 5 of the many songs explaining the state of agony in Nigeria. If you wish, you can check out more in the honourable mentions:

In My Country by Kida Kudz 

Dollar Ti Won by Ajebutter 22 

Election Time by 9ice ft. Jahbless, Id Cabasa & 2Phat 

System Failure by A-Q 

49-99 by Tiwa Savage 


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