TG Omori starrs in Timaya featuring Buju “Cold Outside” visuals

Egberi papa 1 of Bayelsa and Buju para make their first collaboration on new single, Cold Outside, produced by Willis while the music video is directed by TG Omori in which he also had a starring role in, acting as an unruly character. Cold Outside is Timaya’s and Buju’s way of stating they are at a chilling state, living without stress of getting any girl because when they were skint, the girls did not want anything to do with that. “My girl the last time that I check (check) / Now before I digress / My girl you told me that I’m not your love interest / See my girl the last time that I check (check) / See nothing ain’t change yet/ Except that I got a big bag gonna big big flirt” Buju opens the song in his usual midtempo toned voice, shortly afterwards, Timaya took over, stating his present plans, “It’s so cold outside my brother / I don’t wan pull no trigger / I just wan dey / For some kain place / I no want no wahala”.

Yes, Timaya did sing to the Afrobeat upbeat production on Cold Outside, saying he is not the one to pull the trigger but that Boy Director TG Omori had no problem executing as he was in charge of executing the boyfriend of Buju’s love interest. The relationship according to the on-screen chemistry already seemed to be in jeopardy, the girl even tried numbing the pain and stress with several illegal drugs; the boyfriend (who got executed by TG Omori) had earlier threatened Buju with a gun when he pulled up to their crib, in which Buju fled for his life, assisted by Timaya’s fast driving.

The boyfriend’s demise would eventually come when he and the girl attended a night rave. Unknowing to him, he has been earmarked to be killed by TG Omori’s assassin character and his death was on sight. Like the saying goes “live by the sword, die by the sword”, he was immediately gunned down, leaving the girl (Buju’s love interest) in tears. Follow the storyline by watching the video yourself:


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