Tweeps React Positively to Netflix’s ShantyTown

ShantyTown is a 6-part limited series on Netflix that follows a group of courtesans as they try to escape the clutches of a notorious kingpin. However, due to political corruption and blood ties, escape is nearly impossible.

Since ShantyTown release on the 20th of January, the Nigerian crime thriller has continued to receive overwhelming praise from fans on social media, most especially Twitter. 

However, despite the overwhelming praise, the producers of Shanty Town came under fire for the inclusion of nudity scenes.

Ini Edo, who played the role of Inem in Shanty Town, addressed the backlash in an interview with BBC Pidgin. She said, “We hear the talk about nudity and everything.” But people don’t realize that you can’t tell a story about shantytown, prostitution rings, or crime without including guns or nudity. “People should understand it’s part of the story you’re trying to sell, not an attempt to degrade anybody.”

“Because at the end of the day, we have to start seeing the woman’s body for what it is: just a body God created without people’s minds traveling to different places.” “We are trying to create real-life, near-life situations.” So, it’s inevitable for there to be nudity.


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