Timaya and Ubi Franklin trade words on Twitter

C.E.O of Made Men Music Group, Ubi Franklin and Founder of Dem Mama Records, Timaya trade words on Twitter over a yet to be known dispute between them. It all started when Timaya tweeted a violence insighting tweet threatening to beat up Ubi Franklin if he (Ubi) does “mess [things] up”, begging him to “focus on [his] new job“.

In his tweet, Timiya insinuated Ubi Franklin to be “Ifeanyi’s NANI“. Ifeanyi is Davido’s son and many consider that a low blow from Timaya, who continued in the tweet by saying it was because of the mutual respect he has for Davido (who he calls “a good guy“) that is restraining him from beating up Ubi Franklin like he allegedly did last year January.

The popular music executive, Ubi Franklin did not back out from replying Timaya’s tweet, playing it cool instead, claiming there was no such thing as him getting beat up by Timaya last year January, rather calling Timaya out and asking him to come clean, saying the truth of what really transpired on that fateful that, that is, the alleged day Timaya beat him up.

Ubi Franklin would further explain why he thinks Timaya would want to have a beef with him. Some weeks ago, Timaya was reported to have executed a hit-and-run on an innocent woman but he (Timaya) denied it and released a press statement across his social media claiming although he did hit a woman and fled, it was not intentional but he is doing everything within his means to make sure she is now in stable health condition. This incident generated a lot of reactions online; Ubi Franklin claimed to have spoken to Timaya about his actions on how “wrong it was to knock a woman down and leave her to fate” but the response he received from Timaya was that of anger, therefore labelling Timaya as being “petty“. “I am not a person that will see wrong and keep quiet“, Ubi Franklin wrote in conclusion of his tweet.

Still on the case of Ubi being beaten by Timaya, he would come out to admit there was an “attack” against him orchestrated by Timaya in a somewhat public gathering, writing “there were too many Big Boys/men who knew [Timaya] attacked me (cis)“. In his defense, Ubi Franklin claimed Timaya was “high” and “drunk” that day but called the day after to apologize for his actions, saying there even is a CCTV footage of Timaya physically begging for apology.

The case between Timaya and Ubi Franklin seems to be a brewing beef, only time will tell if there are more details beneath the ones already revealed or if would just die a natural death like most online thug-of-words. It is genearating a lot of reactions on Twitter, with some advising both music heads to resolve it amicably in the physical world.


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