Rema and AJ Tracey link up for the braggadocious “FYN”


Money, affluence, high-priced material possesions, expensive vacation spots, supermodels and everything that comes with being a rich and famous figure are the foundational rock on which Rema’s and UK rapper AJ Tracey’s FYN (initialism for Fresh Young N—a) lies. As you would expect from a track in which these topics are discussed, bragging just becomes the purest form of art and that Rema and AJ Tracey did in a Picasso-esque way.

Rema starts with the cozy intro wherein he dismisses the stigma around young adults making it on time and the weird show of hate and/or discomfort the “OG’s” display before unleashing his sweet talking talent as he goes on to brag about the lovely things he has acquired including his high-end lifestyle which all lead to him branding himself a FYN; AJ Tracey would come on the second verse, matching the luxurious energy Rema gave earlier on, rapping about Arabic villas, Maybachs, Cuban cigars, AP’s, just to name drop a few.

According to AJ Tracey, saying you have not heard of their fast paced lifestyle will be blatant falsehood, “You’re hearin’ lies if you ain’t heard, I’m the best / Me and Rema for the remedy to purge you the stress, uh“, his last two bars boldly declares, Rema reckons with the complementary “Ain’t nobody fly like me, ahan / Spendin’ on expensive shit, ahan / . . . / Small boy, but I mighty, ahan” hook.

FYN is the 12th track on “Rave & Roses” to be released on March 25. KelP and KDaGreat co-produced the song.


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