Magixx’s sophomore EP, “Atom”, preaches enjoying the good life


Magixx is all about partying and enjoying the good life on his sophomore EP, “Atom”.

Atom EP

The mushy lover boy Magixx we got introduced to on his self-titled debut EP takes a backseat for the “Overloading (Overdose)” Magixx to shine and preach the gospel of enjoying the good life to the fullest on his sophomore EP, Atom.

Magixx has tasted a little bit of success since his mainstream breakthrough (“Love Don’t Cost a Dime (Re-Up)”) and is on the hunt for more but still relishing the moment every chance he gets, leading to the 4-track EP tagged Atom, consisting of high energy songs advocating for the good life filled with a lot money and partying.

Not saying Magixx neglected his romantic feelings on Atom EP, the first track and last provide enough proof of Magixx still being a certified serenader but of paramount importance in the order of things is flexing, making money and enjoyment. “You get money, you no fit flex, disappointment”, he reasons on Weekenjoyment (the second track), “If no be money, set no dey talk for my hear / ou no be baller, dem go bounce you for here”, Magixx reckons on the second verse, a sentiment agreed upon by the lyrics of the next track, Shaye; “Mi o de ran anybody / Emi ko fe shaye o”, he wholeheartedly declares on the hook, complimenting it with “Isale isale nijowa / We dey steady ball for Victoria”.

Almost all the tracks on Atom EP serve as a call to the dancefloor, evoking heavy gyrations from the high-octane Afropop bops but the ultimate song, Forever, pays homage to the ’90s era with its romance theme cum retro production.


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