Fave explores Fuji drums in her new single, “Scatta Scatta”


Fave returns with “Scatta Scatta”.


Fave returns with a new banging record titled Scatta Scatta, a song which explores Fuji drums and infuses Amapiano in its production. Other elements present in Scatta Scatta’s production are the saxophone (which gives the song a grand outro) and of course, Fave’s majestic vocal chords.

Scatta Scatta (a simplified spelling of “Scatter”) has Fave declaring her plans to her current lover, trying to gauge how interested he is in her and their current relationship. The first verse centres around Fave wanting a soft life, she sings, “My dream is, my dream is (Oh) / Shopping with you in Montego” while in the second verse, she decides to vocalise these plans to her current lover who she is engrossed in, , Fave taps her introspective consciousness as she speaks “You dey find am for love? / E dey by my side (E dey by my side) / The city’s full of our types / Let me roll up and switch off my phone / And sit back and talk about our lives”.

Fave’s outspokenness results from past experiences of being overly dedicated in the relationship(s) but not getting the same energy back. Probably, she was played and taken for granted in these relationships, no wonder she says, “Many, many my eyes don see / Ziggy, ziggy / Zagga, zagga / Wurru, wurru / Warra, warra”, recounting the terrible phases she had to endure in previous affairs.

Scatta Scatta is produced by Damie who also made the instrumentals for the hit single Baby Riddim and Mr Man by Fave. The post-production (mix and mastering) is handled by serial hit-maker Magicsticks.

Listen to the brand-new single by Fave, Scatta Scatta:


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