Remy Baggins and YKB team up for R&B tune, ‘Fire 4 Fire’


‘Fire 4 Fire’ has both singers speaking on how they can elevate their girls sexually.

Cover artwork for ‘Gire 4 Fire’

Producer cum artiste, Remy Baggins puts out a new single titled Fire 4 Fire. YKB renders the chorus as a guest act. The track has elements of mid-tempo and R&B production to go with its calm ambience. Fire 4 Fire has both singers speaking on how they can elevate their girls sexually. 

Remy Baggins does not seem to be a fan of small talk as he dives in head-on, stating his intentions right from the jump. “You know we just met,” he admits but “I wanna get you undressed tonight, I can’t hide it,” Remy says without stuttering. 

As much as the boy singers shoot their shots with full force, they are both aware intimacy should be consensual. “You get to decide / How I’m gonna take you tonight,” YKB soulfully pleads. And if she agrees to engage, “Make you do fire for fire,” he urges.

The lyrics and instrumental set the raunchy mood. That of sensual intimacy with underlying dirty talks enveloped inside sweet melodies. Fire 4 Fire is sure to hit nerves, unleashing the ravaging acts of coitus between partners.

Remy Baggins and Xtremetheproducer are both responsible for the awesome instrumentals. With clutch assistance from Jess ETA, Remy, and YKB put words on the beats for Fire 4 Fire.

Remy Baggins and YKB delivered immaculate vibes. A listen will convince you. Press play:


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